A Chinese Mosquito Story

On April 18, I killed a mosquito, my first of the calendar year. “Springtime is officially here!” went the announcement.

I did not do as Krzysztof Pawliszak did, which is this:

Mosquito story

7:30 am on April 19 is the timestamp, so maybe we can assume the kill happened the day before. The synchronicity! “This is the first mosquito I’ve seen this year…” KP’s story begins.

“I’ve heard… cannon fire hits mosquitos,” a reference to an idiom (and game).

DEAD. The end.

Mosquito the end

This is not the last time you’ll hear about mosquitos, particularly those in Beijing, which are smart, highly evolved, and remain like Scar, the Cylon.

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    2 Responses to “A Chinese Mosquito Story”

    1. WJ

      I killed my first two nights ago actually (it was gigantic too). There has also been flocks of moths trying to get in via the windows…


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