Watch: Wukan Documentary By iSun TV

The Wukan protests that began last year over illegal land seizure might have seemed, at the start, unspectacular, merely another in the hundreds of rallies that happen every year in China. But with each passing day — and each development reported breathlessly by embedded reporters — the demonstrations revealed themselves to be a bit more... Read more »

Today In Shitty Journalism: MSNBC Sources Foreign Correspondents Club Of China Email To Break News That Happened Last Week

The article in question was actually published yesterday, so please don’t be misled by the use of “today” in the title. It’s just an expression. Some reporters got “assaulted” in Panhe, Guangdong, and though we don’t know the extent of anyone’s injuries (just a minor detail, right guys?), MSNBC’s “Behind the Wall” China blog decided... Read more »