C4, Eps.134-135: Shaolin Temple Travel Diary

C4 Stuart Wiggin at Shaolin Temple viral featured image
With his co-host in England for the month, the news comedy show C4’s Stuart Wiggin took a trip to the Shaolin Temple and returned with a travel diary that has gone viral in China. Why? There's an interesting story here...

C4, Ep.104: Cheaters And Druggies

C4, Ep100 - Naughty Boys
Today on C4: Love is easy, marriage is hard -- ever tried drugs? Don't do it. The hair loss will ruin you.


C4, Ep.100: 100!

C4, Ep100
Today on C4: Rumors of a great C4 hosting explosion were greatly exaggerated. Here's Stuart and Rob with their 100th (!) episode. Maybe they've just had some miscommunication problems. What?


C4, Ep.89: Christmas Is A Time For Holidays

C4, Ep89
Today on C4: Making sense of the holiday schedule. Alternatively: this is what sick people at work look like. Probably the worst episode yet!


C4, Ep.87: Poking Fun With Jade Rabbits

C4, Ep.87
Today on C4: China goes for bronze with a soft moon landing attempt. Plus, this: Stuart: "Chang'e, by the way, is the goddess of the moon... and the shuttle is her Jade Rabbit." Rob: "Her Jade Rabbit, I bet she has a lot of fun with that, doesn't she?"


C4, Ep.86: Self-Deprecation And Toilet Humor

C4, Ep86
Today on C4: A celebration of World Toilet Day -- "Well Stuart, how many times a year do you go to the toilet?" Ah yes, you know this one is going to be good.


C4, Ep.85: ShuoCaoCaoCaoCaoDao

C4, Ep.85 Speak of the Devil
Today on C4: In which two Brits team up against an American for messing up British history, or something. Cao Cao, etc.