C4, Ep.88: How Much Do Laowai Make In Beijing?

Today on C4: Arnold was in Xi’an. One of the co-hosts has also been to Xi’an. Serendipity?

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    3 Responses to “C4, Ep.88: How Much Do Laowai Make In Beijing?”

    1. leto

      Everybody rips LC apart everytime they get the chance yet there’s nothing to say about these guys? I personnally find it a lot less funny and relevant than the comic strips.

      • miso

        Because this is occasionally funny and at least tries. Imagine having to make a show every week. It ain’t that bad. They’re clearly under no impression that they are amazing. They admit as much. Outtakes suck though. I saw a few weeks ago, much funnier.

        • Radixotive

          imagine having to make a comic every week! At least LCG has to come up with his own ideas?

          no matter what you think of LC that’s a lot harder than just making snarky observations about the 24 hour newsfeed that never runs out, and talking shit to your best mate… plus, LCG guy works alone…apparently “Wu Tong” does all the actual work on this show (check the credit roll)


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