Clinging To Life At The 18th National Congress? We’re Here To Help

Picture via Tom Lasseter

China’s war of attrition with journalists continues. Hu Jintao is determined to filibuster life itself. If you’re seeing the light, stop walking toward it. Get on Twitter, hashtag #18PC.

We’ll update periodically here as well.

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UPDATE, 10:45 am: Hu Jintao’s speech is over, it’s mercifully over.

Now the bad news: that was the first speech of the day.

    7 Responses to “Clinging To Life At The 18th National Congress? We’re Here To Help”

    1. KopyKatKiller

      My friend who works at People’s Daily as a “filterer” had to watch that speech. She messaged me the following:
      “We are watching CCTV in the office.watching Hu talking bullshit.”
      “…..I’m not listening.All he is saying I can recite acyually.
      I recite the words when I learned Politics
      Then I recited again in university
      Now I have to recite every month”

      My Response: “Welcome to 1984!”

      • Ander

        I was thinking that all morning when everywhere I saw police checking IDs of passers-by, generic soldiers frozen in place – snapping their heads like malfunctioning chickens, red arm banded volunteers milling about in gossip, big outdoor screens all in red with printed yellow slogans, Innovative & Patriotic posters plastered on every other advertising board, and then the CP18 broadcast live on all the closed-circuit metro monitors.

        1984 with Chinese Characteristics!


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