C4, Eps.90 and 91: Best Of Sketches And Outtakes

Today on C4: Year-in-review this year, featuring the best of outtakes (above) and best of sketches (below).

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Best of Sketches (Ep.90):


    One Response to “C4, Eps.90 and 91: Best Of Sketches And Outtakes”

    1. turtlebobo

      The story I’m waiting on his how this dynamic duo had a falling out. Apparently Stu got sick of sucking Rob’s cock, and CRI is so sick of fat boy’s bullshit that they ain’t resigning the goateed illiterate monkey, who happens to be back home in the UK at his parent’s house wondering where it all went wrong. I love these expat fucks who come to China and think they’ve got everybody fooled. I’m surprised Beijing Cream even posted these stupid C4 episodes in the first place.


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