C4, Eps.134-135: Shaolin Temple Travel Diary

C4 Stuart Wiggin at Shaolin Temple viral featured image
With his co-host in England for the month, the news comedy show C4’s Stuart Wiggin took a trip to the Shaolin Temple and returned with a travel diary that has gone viral in China. Why? There's an interesting story here...

“The Bridge Sure Is Strong”: 300,000 Gather Atop Bridge In Sichuan For Traditional Festival

Bridge in Sichuan 2
A traditional rhyme in Sichuan goes like this: “Toss medicine money, worship your godfather, throw away clothes, and pray for the whole family.” The people of Mianyang, the second largest city in Sichuan province after Chengdu, take the rhyme very seriously, along with other traditions. On March 18, thousands flocked to Jushui Village for the Ju Water Bridge Festival (雎水踩桥会), almost all of them to do one thing: step on a bridge.