While US Embassy Pollution Index Measured 755 Last Night, Beijing’s Official Air Quality Index Was “Out Of Service” [UPDATE: Video]

AQI 800
We don't really get how a reading that theoretically should max out at 500 can spit out a number like 755, but look at the above. It got so bad last night that Beijing's official air-quality index conveniently went "out of service" from 10 pm to 10 am this morning. When it came back, it featured this warning:

Beijing Hit By “Worst Smog In Almost A Year”

Beijing smog
Those of us who choose to live in one of China’s big cities understand the deal. In exchange for opportunities for personal and professional growth, a front seat on the roller coaster that is China’s development, and all in all a pretty good life, we agree to put up with traffic woes, the occasional big-city... Read more »