70-Year-Old Badass In Kunming Fends Off Demolishers With Molotov Cocktails

70-Year-Old Badass In Kunming Fends Off Demolishers With Molotov Cocktails
Note to developers and demolition crews: don’t think you can destroy a person’s home without a fight. Last year, Yang Youde kept bulldozers at bay by constructing a homemade cannon. Earlier this month, a woman killed herself and two local officials with a bomb. For basically as long as houses have been razed, people have resisted, and the latest example is possibly the best: Mr. Zhou, a 70-year-old pensioner decked in camo, hurls petrol bombs at trespassers in the above video, refusing to vacate his home to greedy developers and their multimillion-yuan project.

Friday Links: Chai, Like Shit, Sometimes Just Happens: Courtyard ‘Wrongly’ Demolished

NeoCha - Gantz
Macao-based graffiti artists GANTZ5, via NeochaEDGE  Well, this sucks: The demolition of a courtyard, on Qinlao Hutong in Nanluoguxiang, was wrongly conducted as it was not included in the government plan for the construction of an underground parking lot, said cultural heritage campaigners yesterday. [Global Times] I guess now’s as good a time as any to... Read more »

Today In Shitty Journalism: MSNBC Sources Foreign Correspondents Club Of China Email To Break News That Happened Last Week

The article in question was actually published yesterday, so please don’t be misled by the use of “today” in the title. It’s just an expression. Some reporters got “assaulted” in Panhe, Guangdong, and though we don’t know the extent of anyone’s injuries (just a minor detail, right guys?), MSNBC’s “Behind the Wall” China blog decided... Read more »