Chengguan Beat Up Father In The Presence Of His 9-Year-Old Daughter [UPDATE]

Chengguan beats up father while daughter watches
According to the description on a video recently posted to Youku and translated by chinaSMACK, a street peddler was recently beaten up by uniformed staff from the Shichahai Integrated Management Office in front of his nine-year-old daughter, whose pleas of “Stop beating my daddy,” “I’m begging you,” “We’re sorry,” and “You can go ahead and take the stuff,” were ignored.

Here’s A Gaggle Of Chengguan Beating Up Jiangsu Villagers

Chengguan brawl with villagers
The more of China you see, the more you understand to not take things at face value. But not knowing a thing about the lead-up to this brawl in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province on Monday -- maybe the villagers were being really annoying, I dunno -- we wonder: how big is the budget for chengguan at this place? I see several dozen of them on the scene, fighting about, oh, six to eight people. (We're not completely sure what's up with the uniformed men in white hard-hats. The Youku description says there were 50 to 60 chengguan.) One villager gets stomped while he's already down.

Hunan Villagers Suspect Chengguan Beat Local Farmer To Death – Part Of Chinese Chengguan’s Bad Week [UPDATE]

Watermelon peddler's death at hands of chengguan
The death of a watermelon farmer in Chenzhou City, Linwu county, Hunan province attracted the attention of authorities because of the suspicious nature of his death -- beaten, it seemed. But after an investigation, authorities concluded that chengguan did not have a role in the man's death, a result that enraged the farmer's family.

Chengguan Deliver Massive Parking Lot Beatdown, Seriously Injure Woman

Drunken chengguan fight featured image
The latest case of chengguan violence comes from Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, where officers reportedly beat up the boss of a restaurant and his family and acquaintances. On June 9, after a meal, chengguan went to the parking lot and found a car blocking its way. They demanded that the vehicle be moved "within three seconds." The restaurant's boss came out, but unable to move the car within three seconds, he suffered a beatdown.

Why Did Yan’an Chengguan Stomp On Bike Shop Owner’s Face? An In-Depth Look

Chengguan bike news fight featured image
Even while bashing the institution of urban management and enforcement -- so neatly summed up in one word, chengguan -- we acknowledge that the officers tasked with urban bureaucracy -- keeping street peddlers X meters away from the curb, making sure businesses have proper licenses, etc. -- do unenviable and difficult work. Keeping in mind that every time we see a video of chengguan beating the snot out of someone, the chengguan have their side of the story, too (and their side of the story probably has another side as well), let's examine one particular case from a few weeks ago in Yan'an, Shaanxi province, featuring a chengguan jumping on the face of a bike shop owner who was wrestled to the ground.

After His Buddies Complete The Beatdown, Chengguan Stomps On Fallen Merchant’s Head [UPDATE]

Chengguan stomps on merchant fight featured image
On the afternoon of May 31, chengguan in Yan'an, Shaanxi province reportedly got into a scuffle with merchants. The video that was posted to Youku shows the civilian eventually being surrounded by urban management officers, with one particular chengguan -- the fat one, natch -- delivering a terrifying two-footed stomp on his head. Witnesses say the chengguan smelled like he was drunk.

Chengguan: “Even If They Have Real Documents, It Doesn’t Mean They Were Processed Legally”

Papers mean nothing to chengguan and chai
Chengguan are not technically police officers, but out in the streets, their word is law. Today, we got a sobering reminder of that in Beijing. As reported by That’s Beijing, “around 30 to 50 chengguan, along with 20 xieguan officers (‘associate management,’ a force subordinate to chengguan – essentially, hired muscle) blocked off Xuezuo Hutong behind Zhangzizhonglu subway station, allowing... Read more »

Chengguan Brawl With Townsfolk In Broad Daylight

Chengguan brawl with townsfolk featured image
On Friday, street enforcement officers of Huangshi, Hubei province entered a convenience store and began confiscating goods -- it's what chengguan do -- but before they could finish, local townsfolk decided they'd seen enough. In the ensuing scuffle, chengguan were subject to verbal abuse, followed by phsyical contact. It wasn't pretty for anyone, as you can see.