Chengguan Deliver Massive Parking Lot Beatdown, Seriously Injure Woman

The latest case of chengguan violence comes from Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, where officers reportedly beat up the boss of a restaurant and his family and acquaintances.

On June 9, after a meal, chengguan went to the parking lot and found a car blocking its way. They demanded that the vehicle be moved “within three seconds.” The restaurant’s boss came out, but unable to move the car within three seconds, he suffered a beatdown.

Reports are that up to 60 chengguan were at the scene, and that eight people suffered injuries. Among those, one woman, said to have been trying to protect an 11-year-old boy, took a nasty blow to the head, and was sent to the hospital. The latest report is that she’s in danger of losing sight in her right eye.

More info as it becomes available, but here’s a picture of one of the victims:

Chengguan beats woman

    5 Responses to “Chengguan Deliver Massive Parking Lot Beatdown, Seriously Injure Woman”

      • RhZ

        Na na na I can’t hear you because NSA NED fuck HK peoples but HK is def a part of China, so is all of South China Sea look at the name derp derp!!

      • Chinese Netizen

        I thought the PLA are the CCP thugs? Shoot…got my thugs mixed up with so many in the “People’s” Republick

    1. Trey

      The people of this nation need to jump on rigue chenguan and beat them to death a few times, so maybe the message will get out.


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