A College Campus Playground Fight Ends With Old Man Getting Beaten By A Rod

College playground fight featured image
This happened last week at the Nanjing Institute of Technology. The "fight" apparently began when the old man began taking down posters that students had put up, reason unknown. How it escalated into a pitiful two-on-one beating in which a rod is used to bludgeon the fallen combatant is unclear. The cameraman who uploaded this video notes that the "students who were watching didn't dare intervene."

Security Guards Close Metal Gate On Tourists Before Beating Them Over Ticket Dispute

Tourist beating closed gate featured image
A strange incident happened at Liaoning province's Dalu (Moose) Island in Donggang City on October 5, as brought to light by a video posted yesterday to Youku (embedded after the jump) titled, "Liaoning Dalu Island scenic area security guards lock door, gang-beat tourists." As security guards swarm the vacationers, dividing and conquering, someone on the other side of a metal gate yells, "What are you guys doing? Stop fighting!" And then a slightly older (wiser?) security guard goes over to the gate, closes it, and locks it while the beating continues. "That's enough, stop beating. Why you playin'?" a woman asks from behind the camera. No reply. More "playing" ensues.

“Sissy” Man Tries To “Fight” Woman At KFC Over Seat

Sissy man fight featured image
What's wrong with this scene? Let's count the ways. You have the old man either trying to prevent a fight or instigating one, or doing both. There's the child, tortured by the adults' incompetence, who plugs his ears and wishes he were never born. (Don't fret, kid, life gets better.) There's the young man in what looks like brown leather loafers and hipster-black jeans, the one identified in this video title as a "sissy." (Full title: "Beijing [Railway] Station KFC sissy man fighting over seat strikes woman.") And then you have the fact these folks are at the Kentucky Fried Chicken inside Beijing Railway Station, which has to be one of the saddest places in the world. In fact, this whole episode occupies the lowest pit of sad. I'm depressed now.

Civil Servant Called Out For Beating China Mobile Saleswoman

Civil Servant Called Out For Beating China Mobile Saleswoman
In another era, Wang Xiaolei would be just another overweight public official in Zhengzhou, Henan province. But in the era of ubiquitous surveillance cameras, he's a publicly outed asshole, thanks to one of his recent actions being caught on tape: he's seen hurling a trash can at the female manager of a China Mobile Store, then further assaulting her and throwing her on the ground. We clearly see him going back and trying to pick up the trash can, presumably to beat her some more, but he's thankfully restrained by his wife, who happens to also work at the store. The dispute allegedly began when the manager, Wang Ke, refused to grant Wang Xiaolei's wife time off.

High-Ranking City-Level Party Official Caught On Camera Ordering Staffers To Beat Up Journalists

Journalists beaten up on camera featured image
Remember when I wrote yesterday, "Perhaps Party members should exercise more caution when dealing with people?" This story, published two days ago on Huasheng Online, is what I meant. On September 3 in Chengdu, two journalists showed up unexpectedly at a university to investigate claims that East Star Airlines had engaged in illicit financial activities with the school. They were accosted by Gu Yingzhi, the school's dean and also a CPPCC Standing Committee member of Meishan City, Sichuan province.

Party Official Kicks Woman While His Goons And A Young Child Watch

Party officials kick woman with baby
Before we get into the who-what-when-where-why of this, just a simple question: how can a man ever bring himself to kick a woman half his size multiple times in broad daylight while she's already surrounded by the man's goons and has a young child standing next to her? There's something wrong here. There's something deficient in the man's character, to say nothing of his brain. I understand that petitioners can be annoying, and this woman technically was trespassing, but surely there's a better response than kicking her several times like you're some MMA wannabe?

Old Men Beat Anti-Mao Rightist On The Anniversary Of The Chairman’s Death

Mao Zedong Zhengzhou old man men fight
Sunday marked the 36th anniversary of Mao Zedong's death, and if there's one thing we know the old Chairman would never, ever approve of, it's the senseless beating of people who voice opinions contrary to his own. At Zijingshan People's Square in Zhengzhou, Henan province, the man you see getting slapped around apparently took an anti-Mao stance, which is not something you normally want to do around elders who continue to wear badges of Communist dogma in their hearts -- holdovers from the Cultural Revolution -- but definitely not something to do amid a celebration of Mao's life. Groupthink is alive and well.

Another Fight On A Chinese Flight, This Time Caught On Camera

Flight fight
Last week, a "violent fight" between two Chinese passengers on a 200-person flight from Zurich to Beijing caused the pilot (or an equally harebrained decision-maker) to turn the plane around after more than six hours in the air. (I can't imagine what possible reason a pilot could give for doing this, or the passengers' resultant anger.) Sadly, no one on the flight took a video, but we imagine it would have looked something like the above

Father Attacks Nurses After They Improperly Give IV Drip To Son

This is slightly dated, from July 31, but worth sharing anyway. The setup: a father in Kunming takes his feverish son to the hospital to get an IV drip, only to be told twice that the nurses’ attempts were unsuccessful. Infuriated, the father berates the nurses while the small child is carried by his grandmother.... Read more »

In Which We Revisit Possibly The Most Shocking And Abominable Fight Between Seven-Year-Olds Ever

Hair-grabbing impasse featured image
The video you’ve come to see appears after the jump, and it’s brutal enough as a main event that I feel like it needs an undercard. So, the above. Hair-grabbing should be banned to avoid boring impasses. What the heck, eighth-graders? It’s like you’re not even trying. You’re certainly not trying like these kids. Holy shit,... Read more »

Realtors In Beijing Stage Massive, Possibly Turf-Related Brawl

Realtors In Beijing Stage Massive, Possibly Turf-Related Brawl featured image
We don't know what caused employees of two realtor companies in Beijing to stage this public brawl, with white-shirted men on one side and light-blue-shirted men on the other (except the white-shirted one attacking his own, which just confuses everything), but we do think all participants of group fights should wear different colored outfits, or uniforms. Just a modest proposal for anyone else out there planning a get-together at fight o'clock.

What Starts As A Tour Guide Beating Turns Into Full-On Brawl

A veteran tour guide surnamed Xu in Changsha, Hunan province recently found herself in the center of a brawl over seemingly nothing. As she says in the above video, she saw an agitated man in her tour group on Thursday morning and confronted him, asking him what he was so angry about. He responded by beating... Read more »

Not Even Bruce Lee Could Take On This Many Opponents

Bruce Lee fight fail featured image
The title of this post is borrowed from the title of a Youku video that surfaced a month ago, embedded after the jump: "If you're going to fight then fight, why pretend you're Bruce Lee?" The video description also tells us these were middle school students. It looks like at the very end, it's an adult who pulls the final combatant off the Bruce Lee-wannabe. Nothing else is known.

A Fight That Appears To End With One Man Biting Another’s Leg

Fight That Appears To End With One Man Biting Another’s Leg featured image
It could be that the man is just rubbing his face in the other man's leg. Hard to say. I will point out, though, how ineffectual those two women and man are at trying to break up the fight (or is one of them instigating?). A word of advice: put yourself in between the combatants instead of tugging at their limbs.

If You’re A Chengguan, It’s Probably Best Not To Fight An Old Man Surrounded By Townsfolk

Chengguan beats up townsfolk featured image
The buildup is long and strange, but it’s full of wonder and intrigue. Why is the old man’s pants unbuckled? Why is he surrounded by three much younger urban enforcement officers, i.e. chengguan? Why does one of the officers appear to have a ripped shirt? Why does the old man taunt them, saying, “Come on,... Read more »