Maya Moore Scores 53 Points In Game 1 Of WCBA Finals, Overshadowed By Fans Beating Up Referees [UPDATE]

Fans beat up refs in WCBA finals
Maya Moore scored 53 points and grabbed 13 rebounds in Game 1 of the WBCA finals yesterday. Whatever superlatives you want to append to that statement, feel free to do so, but I'll just write this again: 53 points, 13 rebounds. This is where the focus should be: a remarkable individual effort from the world's best female basketball player on Chinese professional basketball's biggest stage. Imagine if LeBron James went for 53 in the NBA finals (or CBA finals, to complete the analogy). You'd want 800 words about that, right? Moore's Shanxi beat Zhejiang 96-92 to grab a 1-0 lead in the best-of-five series.

Cops Petition Against Charge Of Police Brutality, Get Beaten Up

Anshan police beaten fight
The above video, posted two days ago, depicts about 20 staffers of Liaoning province's Anshan District People's Procuratorate beating five petitioners on September 29, 2010. It's no secret that police officers often beat and humiliate petitioners to deter people from further petitioning. But this time, those on the receiving end of the abuse were themselves cops. According to local news, the Procuratorate accused five officers of using torture during interrogations. The officers denied the charge, petitioned in front of the Procuratorate building, and were promptly beaten.

Nietzschean Gang-Beating In Chongqing Illustrates The Futility Of Resisting Relocate-And-Demolish Edicts

Gang beating with clubs interlude
Perhaps the yelling in the background is a cry of existential angst at a futile and heretofore meaningless life. That every step has led to this exact moment. That even if fought and won, the tide of Fate would inevitably lead back to this very moment: “This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more.”* Oh, would the Heavens open and strike down these untermensch enforcing their slave morality!

This Road Rage Street Fight Is Perfect

Road rage street fight
At one point early in this video, there's a case to be made that these two men are not fighting but engaged in ballet, thus is the symmetry of their kicks. Then the fists fly, swinging roundhouses, a phone is kicked out from under one of their feet, and yeah, you realize they probably hate each other. But then they come together in a hug of sorts, the avuncular headlock, and when they finally part, standing toe to toe, you think: humanity has a chance.

Doctors Might Need Bodyguards, If These Fights Are Any Indication

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 11.09.21 AM
The public hospital experience can be stressful in China, we get that. You have to register -- sometimes at two different windows -- pull a number -- sometimes twice, with a downstairs attendant and again with the physician -- and wait -- sometimes a very long time. But the number of videos we see of hospital fights seems alarmingly high.

Pickpocket Artist Gets Caught, Clobbered By Students

Pickpocket beaten featured image
Pickpocketing is a tough profession. It doesn’t pay much, for one. The legal risks are high. And if you get caught — at a university dorm, for instance — your existence will pretty much be disavowed by everyone you care about, and whatever happens, happens.

Government Thugs In Jilin Beat Up Villagers For Their Land

In Songyuan, Jilin province recently, government thugs were hired to bully villagers into accepting a lowball land requisition deal. According to the description on this video uploaded earlier today, the thugs told the villagers to acquiesce or get beat up. Villagers called the cops, who didn’t show up. No one should have been surprised: they... Read more »

Two Fighters Go A Full Round At A Sichuan Park

Two Fighters Go A Full Round At A Sichuan Park
Don't know a darn thing about this video except that it was taken in Sichuan province earlier this week. In the title, we're told it's a woman and an older woman fighting. In the video description, we're told it's man and an old woman. The only things we can deduct as truth: an old woman is fighting, and she's doing okay, despite throwing punches and kicks in slow motion.

Two Fights: In The Countryside Between Extended Family, And Drunken Girls Beat Up Cabbie

Fights In The Countryside Between Extended Family, And Drunken Girls Beat Up Cabbie featured image
Every family feuds, but few do it so well: with knives. In this scene here, from a village in Sichuan province, two elders roll around, fighting. And then in-laws get into the action, and you know how they be. They bring out the weapons. This scene reminds me of the best and worst of drawn-out suspense serials. The drama builds and builds, and just when you think you're at a resolution, the screen goes blank as a narrator says, "See you next week!"

Fight Breaks Out In Shenzhen Hospital Over Pooping Toddler, And It’s All Little Shit Brother’s Fault

Ms. Zhang after fight in Shenzhen hospital
The boy who pooped on a crowded Guangzhou subway last week — rather unceremoniously nicknamed the “Little Shit Brother” (in this video, it’s rendered as “pooping emperor,” as brother and emperor are pronounced the same) — is still fresh on people’s minds. We know this because that boy might have directly caused a fight to... Read more »

Two Wee-Hour Beatings This Past Week Prove There’s Both Strength And Cowardice In Numbers

Two Wee-Hour Beatings This Past Week Prove There’s Both Strength And Cowardice In Numbers featured image
In the top video, a security guard on nightshift is beaten to within an inch of his life, reasons unknown. "Fight, fight," notes one wry commenter. "Fighting is good for the health." In the video after the jump, a Wanda Plaza staffer tries to prevent a group of non-employees from passing, and he suffers a terrible fate. Clocked over the head several times by plastic Coke bottles, if I'm seeing it right.

Teenagers Are The Toughest: 14-Year-Old Slaps And Kicks Own Father, Who Does Nothing To Stop Her

Teenagers are the toughest featured image fight
A sad story out of Nanjing: while news cameras were rolling, a 14-year-old girl named Xiao Jin, native of Anhui province, slapped her father 10 times, and punched and jump-kicked him for good measure. The father's measured response -- getting neither upset nor defensive... in fact, doing nothing -- is sad and, at times, difficult to watch.

The Worst Bullies You’ll Find Anywhere

The Worst Bullies You’ll Find Anywhere
The video description doesn’t tell us much except that the person getting beat up was a “thief” who, after pulling his small-time heist, had the gall to duck into an Internet cafe. He was pulled out and beaten up, methodically. All of this was filmed, and it’s a nasty, brutish — anything but short — affair.

The Saddest Fight: Beggars Tussle Over Territory

Beggars Tussle Over Territory
“Has it come to this?” asks the Youku video description. “No one has it easy.” No one indeed. But read that expression another way: no one is easy, as in, they’re not pushovers. You might be tempted to think of legless beggars as pitiable, but that doesn’t make them any less proud than the rest of us.... Read more »

Wife And Son Of Famous Artist Li Laoshi Involved In Serious Brawl

Wife And Son Of Famous Artist Li Laoshi Involved In Serious Brawl featured image
The wife and son of famous painter Li Laoshi, who killed himself by jumping off a building in 1996, were caught on taught recently in a nasty, violent brawl that left the wife seriously injured. The timestamp on the video says September 21, but this was posted to Youku just two days ago and has already been viewed 1.5 million times. You'll see a dispute turn violent quickly, with both parties wielding weapons. (Perhaps the cause was over the vehicles blocking the road?)

And Now For Something Different: A High-Definition Video Of Van Assault

Van assault featured image
We don't know why these people are assaulting a van, or why the van doesn't just drive away. We have no idea why, at the very end, the driver exits his vehicle and, weapon in hand, chases his attackers. But at least we can be confused and entertained in high-definition. Huazhou, Guangdong province.