A Nice Little Beijing Subway Scuffle

Beijing subway fight
There are a lot of things we like about this 35-second video. There's the automated voice -- which we've heard so many times that it now exists in the realm of our subconscious -- telling us that the train is nearing Dongdan on Line 1. There's the shouting: Waarrrrgh! Aaarrrrrgh! There are the passengers nearby, especially the man in the white shirt. There's the voice of the woman off-camera who, as if beseeching children, says, "Stop fighting. Just stop." And is that man on top trying to stuff the other guy into a box? Pure joy all around.

How Many Men Does It Take To Beat Up Female KTV Employees?

Men beat up KTV emloyees featured image
This video is from April 1 of this year, but was just released on Youku five days ago. It shows at least two female employees of a KTV in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province getting attacked -- innocently, says the video description -- by ruffians just after 10 pm. One person was sent to a psychiatric hospital following the assault, and three others were injured.

Here’s A Gaggle Of Chengguan Beating Up Jiangsu Villagers

Chengguan brawl with villagers
The more of China you see, the more you understand to not take things at face value. But not knowing a thing about the lead-up to this brawl in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province on Monday -- maybe the villagers were being really annoying, I dunno -- we wonder: how big is the budget for chengguan at this place? I see several dozen of them on the scene, fighting about, oh, six to eight people. (We're not completely sure what's up with the uniformed men in white hard-hats. The Youku description says there were 50 to 60 chengguan.) One villager gets stomped while he's already down.

Tour Guide Flips Out At Airport, May Have To Pay For Damages

Nanchang airport fight Miss Yu featured image
Flight delays are frustrating, and if you, in the midst of a four-hour delay, have never allowed yourself to think barbarous, shamefully uncivilized and cruel thoughts, it doesn't make you a better person: you're just that smug asshole everyone always wants to punch. But no one actually does punch you, and have you ever wondered why?

Girl Refuses To Put 20,000 RMB Bag Through Beijing Subway Security Check, Says, “My Daddy Will Kill You”

Rich girl won't go through Beijing subway security
A young woman got into a fight with subway security last Friday at Beijing Subway’s Changping Line. According to the video description, the scuffle began when she refused to put her bag through the X-ray machine, reportedly saying, “My bag costs twenty-fucking-thousand bucks, can you afford to touch it?” She then began cursing the poor security guards, with her male companion joining in.

Women Fight On Chengdu Subway

Women fight in Chengdu subway
Two spicy women came to blows on the Chengdu subway after reportedly bumping into one another, or something. Check out the woman in green who takes a seat next to one of the lassies at the 40-second mark, and immediately regret it. Her spot is vacated 15 seconds later.

Hair-Grabbing And Fighting On A Crowded Beijing Bus

Two women fight on Beijing bus
The summer heat -- and it's been damn hot in Beijing -- is getting to people. Here, two female passengers on Bus 680 get into a bit of an entanglement. We commend the conductress who tries to break things up, and even picks up a dropped item (pearls?) and asks who it belongs to. And the guy filming -- good job to you as well. Your video has 203,000 views on Youku.