The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

October 15 – October 21

Weekend content is king: vote for your least-favorite Gangnam Style parody, China Style vs. Laowai Style, if you haven’t already. And TAR Nation and RFH wondered: what if The Newsroom were made in China?

Two racing Ferraris ran into one another in Shaanxi, an incident that miraculously yielded no deaths. A foreigner lost his mind and began randomly attacking Chinese people in Guilin. And two foreigners in Shanghai confused a little girl selling them flowers for “six” kuai for a prostitute soliciting “sex.”

Did you know Beijing has dogfighting? A ridiculous rappeler kicked a man out of committing suicide. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama both had their share to say about China, but Romney was particularly terrible. The story of the week remains the one about the man, his handicapped mother, their dog named Butterfly, and their 3,000-plus-mile journey by foot from Beijing to Yunnan.

A 16-year-old girl was transformed by medication into a 40-year-old man: here are the shocking photos. A man in Shanghai required a doctor to remove a nine-inch dildo from his stomach (hmm, how’d it get there?). And we figured out that the riot in Luzhou earlier this week was probably caused by a rumor, while Yang Rui apologized to Melissa Chan.

TAR Nation’s To Serve People column made its return, while Xinhua continued being its usual self. Please don’t change, Xinhua.

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