A Strange Doctor-Patient Fight Recorded In Surprising High-Definition

A Strange Doctor-Patient Fight Recorded In Surprising High-Definition featured image
We're not sure how or why this video was played 613,000 times in its first six hours, but who are we to judge? Perhaps it's the crystal-clear picture that has attracted the viewers, who are more accustomed to grainy, soundless closed-circuit surveillance footage. Or the fact that the patient swings, of all things, a "Caution: Slipper Floor" sign?

China’s Latest Basketball Brawl Illustrates The Sad Difference Between The CBA And Its Second-Tier League

NBL brawl featured image
The National Basketball League (NBL) is a semi-pro basketball league managed by the same suits who control the top-tier Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). The NBL's playoffs are currently happening, but they're not happening very well. As Jon Pastuszek of NiuBBall reports, "I invite you to keep an eye on the NBL playoffs, where not one, but two all-out brawls went down inside of three days last Friday and Sunday."

Young Lady Fights Elderly Grandmother After Unleashed Dog Harasses Child

Young Lady Fights Elderly Grandmother After Unleashed Dog Harasses Child featured image
A few days ago at a shopping mall in Zunhua, Tangshan, Hebei province, security cameras caught a small dog being a small dog, by which I mean terrorizing a small child. The boy's grandmother tried to shoo the dog away (we don't know if she struck it, because that part is off-camera). This act infuriated the dog's owner, a young girl who began attacking the woman, who was in her 60s. Store attendants momentarily pulled the two apart, but the young girl continued to chase the grandmother, eventually throwing her onto the ground, where she remained for a long while before going to the hospital.

Playground Blogger Fight Attracts Ai Weiwei, Cops, Censors

Chaoyang Park fight
What happens when you’re a socialist Chinese blowhard and you get your ass handed to you by a girl after challenging her to fisticuffs in a Beijing park? You tell everyone you won, of course. In one of those weird "This is China" moments, while the rest of Beijing came to a grinding halt over some light rain at 1 pm on Friday, a whole bunch of Web users and bloggers – all of whom were carrying at least four or five umbrellas apiece – convened at the south gate of Chaoyang Park for a Grumble in Das Jungle.

Watch: Uncut Version Of Good Samaritans Fighting Off Guizhou Knife-Wielder

Uncut Version Of Good Samaritans Fighting Off Guizhou Knife-Wielder
Yesterday, we posted about a pair of security guards who died while fighting off a mentally unstable man who charged into Guizhou Normal University brandishing a 70-centimeter knife. In our embedded video, a newscast via Sina, there was a clip taken by someone in a car showing a security guard getting stabbed. That part prompted someone to reply on Twitter, "How can a human being sit in a car and film w/o helping? Especially while he watched three people get stabbed. Unbelievable."

“Most Dutiful Security Guards” Sacrifice Themselves To Fight Off Knife-Wielding Assailant [UPDATE]

Guiyang memorial service
Your incredible story of the day comes from Guiyang, Guizhou province, where on Monday a mentally ill man surnamed Xu, brandishing a long knife, tried to enter Guizhou Normal University. The guard on duty — unarmed, as all security guards and almost all cops here are — picked up the nearest weapon-like thing he could... Read more »

Chengguan Does Ultra Bro Thing, Removes Uniform Before Fighting Civilian

Chengguan take off shirts before fighting featured image
On Monday, according to this Jiangxi news show, a chengguan (street enforcement officer) riding against traffic (this bit of info is filled in by China News) in Chengdu bumped into or scraped against a store owner, precipitating an argument. This happened off-camera. When the store owner (or someone related) begins filming -- which is completely within his right -- the chengguan loses his temper. Pushing and shoving ensues. And then, strangely -- because chengguan are just kind of boorish sometimes -- the chengguan removes his shirt, the most alpha of alpha signals that OH IT'S ON BRO, IT'S ON!

Middle School Students Beat Up Chengguan

Middle schoolers beat up chengguan featured image
Just as we were talking about chengguan, the Twitter feed of That’s Mandarin tipped us to a video “going viral right now” of more than a dozen middle school students in Zaozhuang, Shandong province beating up a chengguan, who are unofficially this country’s “city management officers” and more unofficially this country’s street thugs disguised as people with... Read more »

A Brutal, Bloody Beatdown In Sanlitun Last Week [UPDATE]

Bloody Sanlitun beating featured image
We've reached out to the guys who shot the video -- Canadians from WorldstarHipHop, as they make abundantly clear in the video -- to see if we can get more info. It's a nasty fight, if one can call it that, with a clear survivor. There are no winners. "Someone pull him off," someone says while the guy who's standing, bloody all over, continues connecting on kicks to the defenseless man on the ground. "It's done, it's done, you've won, you've won," someone else says, beginning to sound desperate.

Yet Another Fight Breaks Out Between American And Chinese Basketball Teams [UPDATE]

In the wake of the “British rapist” and Russian cellist, this won’t help Chinese-foreigner relations: a basketball team called the New Orleans Hurricanes — possibly this one from Texas – was in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province yesterday for an exhibition against the Zhejiang Guangsha Lions that ended in the worst way possible. In the above video (and below, on Youku,... Read more »