Another Pack Of Chengguan Assaults Another Vendor, This Time In Xiamen

Xiamen chengguan beat vendor featured image
You can sigh a million times, but until this country reforms its chengguan system, which allows urban management officers to lord over small business owners and street vendors with their misappropriated authority, videos like this will continue to surface. On March 9, according to China Daily, a street vendor in Gulangyu, a scenic island off Xiamen, Fujian province, was knocked to the ground and kicked by a pack of chengguan.

Village Chief And Nine Others Arrested For Instigating Brawl Over Land Dispute, General Incompetence

Guangdong brawl land dispute featured image
There really wasn't much information about this video we posted on February 26 purporting to depict locals and out-of-towners fighting in a land dispute in Jieyang, Guangdong province. The local village chief, Li Baoyu, was detained, but little else was known. On Saturday, the Jiexi county government finally released more information.

Paunchy, Probably Drunk Middle-Aged Men Duke It Out In Alleyway

Paunchy middled aged drunk men fight featured image
The fighting starts around the 45-second mark, but the build-up is almost worth it. These guys have to be drunk, right? That green bottle that shatters has to be baijiu, right? (Chinese moonshine, basically.) We don't know. And then it ends, weirdly, with both men missing a flip-flop. One guy is driven away with his shoe still on the ground. The other holds his flip-flop and shouts vulgar curses, held back by his less angry friends. Metaphor?

Standoff Over Land In Guangdong Pits Locals vs. Out-Of-Towners

Guangdong brawl featured image
On the morning of February 22 in Jiexi county, Jinmian, Guangdong province, a gang of outsiders descended on a work site and began smashing cars, equipement, and, in some cases, people. The fighting got so bad that traffic was halted on one stretch of Jianmian Highway. Marvel at the scene, with the banging of brass like drums on an ancient battlefield.

Three On One Fight Ends Badly For The Three

Three on one fight featured image
Scant info available on this, but it speaks for itself. Three men pull a driver out of his car to beat him, but the man valiantly fights back. He puts one man on his back, then another, flips another dude, then goes on the offensive with flying kicks. Who is he, Ryback???