Long-Haired Chinese Gal Issues Sidewalk Beatdown

Chinese girl issues sidewalk beatdown
What always unsettles me about these beatdowns is the moment the person with the upper hand sticks out a finger as if it's the long appendage of Death and holds it above the face of the fallen. How humiliating. How unbefitting a street champion. As if the slaps didn't already acutely communicate all that was necessary.

Chengguan Are Now Brawling With Soldiers (Maybe)

Chengguan brawl with PLA soldiers
According to the video description, as brought to us by chinaSMACK, urban management officers in Qingdao, Shandong province attempted to demolish the guard room of a "military compound" on the afternoon of September 4. They were met with resistance, as guards and -- reportedly, though this is disputed -- actual soldiers came out looking for -- and getting; this part is not disputed -- a fight.

Wild Punches And Loopy Haymakers Outside Sina Office Building

Sina office fight
There's no info on this video except that this happened outside a Sina office and the combatants are chauffeurs, but it's a fight and we like it. There are some real sloppy overhead rights thrown by the man in the darker shirt though. What is he even thinking?

Punches And Blood On The Guangzhou Metro

Guangzhou subway fight
If you're not ready for a fight, don't start one. Don't, for instance, punch the guy sitting next to you on the subway, who happens to be younger, fitter, and more inspired, since he has a girl. The older man in this video, after sucker-punching the younger dude, eats about two dozen fists of rage. All the while, someone behind the camera implores, "Stop fighting, stop fighting."

Fight Breaks Out On Shanghai Subway Over Seat

Shanghai subway fight
Shanghai subway, Line 8. These women's Shanghainese accents are much too thick for me to understand, but the younger lady, who appears to be the daughter of the woman in red, seems to accuse the woman in black of trying to squeeze into her mom's seat. A loud argument ensues, during which the woman in black shakes a wallet.