Australian Man Complains About “Beijing Chicken Burger,” Deserves Unintentional Comedy Star

Australian man and Beijing Chicken Burger featured image
I don't know why, but this made me laugh. Maybe it's the extra-nasally way the man pronounces the J in Beijing. Maybe it's because I feel like he's ready to vomit the words "chicken burger," such is his rising disdain. Maybe the title of the video itself -- Crazy McDonalds employee sells Sloppy Beijing Burger. Or maybe it's the idea of him turning off his camera, getting out of his car, and marching straight back into the McDonald's to return the burger, like he said he would... or the thought that he just might not turn the camera off while he does this.

Time Out Beijing’s Food Awards Are Out, And It’s Apparent Who The Target Audience Is

The Chinese character 富 (fu) means fortune
I think this sentence about sums it up: Note: All categories designated as “Fine Dining” are above 500RMB. Those designated as “Casual Dining” are below 500RMB. I’ll give you one flying guess which restaurant won both Restaurant of the Year and the Readers’ Choice (again). I’ll even give you a hint: It’s Maison Boulud. We had... Read more »

Congratulations, Royston Chan. You’ve Just Written The Most Disgusting China Story Of The Year

Oh, where do we begin? With the virgins or the urine? With the eggs or the soaking of said eggs in the urine of virgins? How does a story on Reuters -- written by Royston Chan (broaching poaching topics no one else will) -- that begins like this: It's the end of a school day in the eastern Chinese city of Dongyang, and eager parents collect their children after a hectic day of primary school. Get to here: