I Ate A McDonald’s Sausage Double Beef Burgers

Sausage Double Beef Burgers 2
It was delicious. The bread, a special shade of mahogany, was lightly crisped with a glaze of cinnamon, as I imagined it. The sausage links were dipped in maple syrup before sizzling on the grill; one could, if he tried, detect the singed fragrance of applewood. The hamburger patties oozed a special type of grease,... Read more »

That Racist Beijing Restaurant? RFH Visited With A Japanese Diner

Beijing Snacks
Its most controversial days are likely behind it, but we have one more update on Beijing Snacks, which some have taken to calling “the most racist restaurant in Beijing” thanks to its owner pasting a “no dog… no Japanese et al.” sign on the front window. RFH recently visited with friends, including a Japanese man... Read more »

The Yum! Factor… Not So Much Anymore

Yum Brands
It’s been a season of scandal for Yum Brands Inc., parent of KFC, which has been forced to apologize in response to a government investigation that found it was using pumped up and drugged out chicken from a local supplier. This has led to ticked off customers, decreasing sales and now a fallen stock price.... Read more »

Actually, There Are Those In Hong Kong And Shenzhen Who Challenge Traditional Food Culture

Shark's fin on roof
Traditional ideas of what animals should be eaten are under pressure in southern China, a region where it’s often said anything that walks, flies or swims is fit for the dinner table. In Hong Kong, the controversy centers on shark fin soup, which has long been one of the city’s most popular dishes, especially among... Read more »

Restaurant poisons diners of rival establishment by lacing eggplant with blood pressure drug

The East is Read
Food and beverage is a competitive, cutthroat industry. A recent article in Annals of Internal Medicine, brought to us by NPR, explains exactly how cutthroat. In Beijing in 2010, 80 diners went to the hospital after ingesting poisoned eggplant. We’re now learning that shady agents from a rival restaurant were to blame, as they spiked the ingredients... Read more »

Here’s One Netizen’s Reaction To McDonald’s Surreal Plan To Serve McNoodles

McDonald's scream
We’ve survived the black and white burger. We’ve done beef and mash. We’ll happily tolerate every chicken and/or beef concoction McDonald’s throws at us. But this? “McNoodles” will go on sale at its Austrian restaurants from Thursday in a test set to last two to three months, a spokeswoman said. The meals feature noodles with... Read more »

New McDonald’s Burger Looks – And Tastes – Like Hell

McDonald's black and white burger
By RFH Idea for an honest advert: Scene: A log cabin in remote woods. Five teens of mixed ethnicity/affability convene in a spooky basement to investigate a noise. Suddenly, the cast-iron stove in the back noisily cranks into action, pipes groaning. The teens gather round as, inside the stove, coals glow red-hot and wisps of smoke emerge.... Read more »

You’ll Never Eat Chuan’r Again (Sober) After Reading This Story

By RFH Recently a doctor on Weibo recalled the story of a patient – a kabob (chuanr, in Beijing patois) seller – who came in with stab wounds in the 1980s after getting into a ruckus with a customer. Upon surgery, his problems were found to be far worse than previously assumed. His stomach was riddled... Read more »