France Crushes China In International Mahjong Competition, Jet Lag To Blame?

Europeans dominate mahjong
The French won gold, silver, and bronze at the European Mahjong Association's French MCR Championship in Toulouse, France on May 18-19. Italians finished fourth and fifth. A Dutch player finished sixth. The Chinese, who invented mahjong, only had two players place in the top 13 -- Yang Zhang and Cao Lihua finished 7th and 8th, respectively. What gives?

Mahjong’s Best Compete In World Mahjong Championship In Chongqing

World mahjong 4
The best mahjong players from around the world, representing 13 countries, have converged in Chongqing for a four-day tournament that ends later today. According to Sina: The first Eight sessions will determine the team and country rank. For these sessions, efforts will be made to ensure that players from different countries will have an opportunity... Read more »

Three-Month-Long Mahjong Competition Finally Ends With One Winner, 300,000-Some Losers

Mahjong competition
The World Series of Poker can move aside now. The three-month 2012 Sichuan Mahjong Competition ended on Saturday with Jing Daiju, a 33-year-old woman, winning 200,000 yuan. Runner-up Wang Chao, a 24-year-old woman, took home 50,000 yuan. Organized by the Chengdu Chess and Card Association, the event drew more than 300,000 participants, including online players.... Read more »