Mahjong’s Best Compete In World Mahjong Championship In Chongqing

The best mahjong players from around the world, representing 13 countries, have converged in Chongqing for a four-day tournament that ends later today. According to Sina:

The first Eight sessions will determine the team and country rank. For these sessions, efforts will be made to ensure that players from different countries will have an opportunity to face each other. For the Ninth, and Tenth sessions, the players with the highest scores will be grouped together. The final rankings will use the cumulative scores from all ten sessions.

The keys to winning are “focus, patience, and knowing when to and not to chase after the big pot,” says BJC contributor Alicia, our go-to expert on all things mahjong. There is also “offense,” “defense,” and “psychology — learning how to read your opponents,” apparently. So there you have it: Zol zayn mit mazel, mahjong competitors. More pictures after the jump.

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