Durex Commercial Features Mike Sui In A Dinosaur Costume, With Alfred Hsing (Jet Li Stunt Double)

Mike Sui in Durex commercial
Today is World Health Day, and to commemorate, the creative, slightly mischievous folk over at Durex have just released this commercial featuring Mike Sui -- he of the many dialects -- in a dinosaur costume. Also making an appearance is Wushu World Champion and Jet Li stunt double Alfred Hsing -- he's the muscly man -- who we last saw producing this funny, dark, disturbing kung-fu video.

Mike Sui Is Sort Of Taking Over Social Media

Mike Sui on Youku
You might remember Mike Sui as the teacher/singer/host/actor who imitated a bunch of people in a video that made it big on Youku. Everything he does on Chinese media these days is rising to the top, evidenced by the latest product, the above below [Ed's note: I'm putting it after the jump because there's an ad... Read more »

American In China Imitates Chinese, Americans, French, Russians, And Japanese

Mike Sui featured image
Two days ago, Mike Sui posted the above video onto Youku (embedded after the jump). It currently has 1.71 million views. More impressive, this video's been on YouTube for only a day and it's already well on its way toward viral, with 17,000 views. The thing of it? No one that I know of in the English-language China blogosphere has posted this video (until now, of course; if you've seen this elsewhere before 3:11 pm, let me know). That means Sui's one-man act is being passed around almost exclusively among Chinese users of YouTube and Facebook (which is where I first found it, on the page of a Chinese student in DC), and on Chinese social media (Sui has 206,000 fans on Sina Weibo). We wish Mike well on his road to online stardom.