A Taste Of Britain: Spoofing “A Bite Of China,” And Britain

A Taste of Britain featured image
"Just like China, meats and fish are popular in Britain," begins this video called "A Taste of Britain," by CRI's Stuart Wiggin and Wu Tong. "But in order to make that meat and fish taste extra special, it has to be complemented by other ingredients. Britain only has one such ingredient." Can you guess what it is?

Anyone Want To Watch Women In Childbirth?

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There was a Dutch website called Beautiful Agony that asked people to upload videos of their orgasm face as a "multimedia experiment." This was done in the name of art. There was a video we watched in high school biology of a live childbirth, PBS Nova's The Miracle of Life. This was done in the name of science. Now there's a reality show on Shenzhen Television, "Laiba Haizi" (Come On, Child), that shows the faces of women in labor. This is done in the name of...

How Long Until “Game Of Thrones” Is Banned In China?

Game of Thrones on CCTV
HBO's Game of Thrones arrived in China last week, but the fit-for-CCTV broadcast was so rigorously edited to conform to some "public morality" that one netizen hilariously called it "a medieval European castle documentary." But amid all the articles about this development, we may have lost sight of a more amazing fact: Game of Thrones -- a show about political wrangling, skulduggery, sabotage, dissolution, sex, etc. -- was allowed to air on Chinese TV. It took two whole days before we got this Ishaan Tharoor post on the Washington Post, titled:

“Big Bang” Creator Chuck Lorre Addresses The Chinese Government

China censors The Big Bang Theory - SARFT
When Chinese video streaming sites pulled down all episodes of The Big Bang Theory on orders from China's official censors, it angered fans across the country -- and also, it turns out, the show's creator, Chuck Lorre. The following is what Lorre wrote on one of his "vanity cards" that appeared at the end of Big Bang's May 1 episode (as noticed by the Wall Street Journal):

China Wants Fewer Sensationalist Anti-Japanese Dramas, For Some Reason

Anti-Japanese dramas too sensationalisticrack down
Even Chinese television execs know when too much is too much, apparently. "China's television regulator has ordered a crack down on dramas about the country's battles with Japan during and before World War Two and demanded they be more serious, state media said on Friday, following viewer complaints about ludicrous storylines," Reuters reports.

TV Host Du Haitao Of The Popular “Happy Camp” Physically Confronts A Fan

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Anybody watch Happy Camp (快乐大本营), Hunan TV's flagship variety show? Turn on the TV because it’s probably airing right now. The show inexplicably has five hosts. There's He Jiong, unarguably the Ryan Seacrest of the show, then the charming Xie Na, and then three others who stand nearby and occasionally say and/or hold something. Every once in awhile, just to remind us he's still there, host Du Haitao steps into the frame and cracks a one-liner.

Durex Commercial Features Mike Sui In A Dinosaur Costume, With Alfred Hsing (Jet Li Stunt Double)

Mike Sui in Durex commercial
Today is World Health Day, and to commemorate, the creative, slightly mischievous folk over at Durex have just released this commercial featuring Mike Sui -- he of the many dialects -- in a dinosaur costume. Also making an appearance is Wushu World Champion and Jet Li stunt double Alfred Hsing -- he's the muscly man -- who we last saw producing this funny, dark, disturbing kung-fu video.

Baijiu Brand Jian Nan Uses Game Of Thrones Opening In TV Ad

Game of Thrones Chinese commercial2
How did you enjoy the season debut of Game of Thrones yesterday? (No spoilers, please.) Enough to watch its opening cinematic co-opted by baijiu brand Jian Nan for a commercial? The video is a few months old, but it was just posted on That's Beijing yesterday, with RFH writing: ot sure what explains the Game of Thrones connection, other than that Chinese history is too long, often unwieldy, tortuously complicated, filled with names you cannot remember and most of the last few hundred years is to be found in the Fantasy section.

America’s Locusts Descend On China: The Duggar Family Visits For TLC Reality Show “19 Kids And Counting”

Duggar Family in China
The Duggar flock -- 19 children (and counting!), their parents and a gaggle of grandchildren -- recently traveled to Beijing, Tokyo and Kyoto to film the three-part special installment “19 Kids and Counting: Duggers Do Asia.” The Arkansas-based brood, all of whom have a name that starts with the letter J, have achieved a degree of notoriety on their native turf for their fundamentalist Christian beliefs and baby-making lifestyle, which have come under attack for being environmentally irresponsible and what some argue is an archaic ideology that has unnecessarily contributed to global overpopulation.

Finish Him! Japanese Soldier Cleaved Twain

Finish him Japanese soldier cleaved
In a scene that would make even the producers of the Starz original series Spartacus reel, check out this Chinese warrior literally tear a Japanese soldier in half. As described by Ministry of Tofu: Chinese-made anti-Japanese patriotic television dramas have been the object of an awful lot of ridicule on Sina Weibo, the Chinese twitter, after netizens... Read more »

Watch: Amy Poehler And Asian American Star In Best Buy Super Bowl Ad

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In a Super Bowl filled with moments, including Jacoby Jones’s 108-yard kickoff return, Colin Kaepernick’s touchdown scramble (longest TD run by a quarterback in Super Bowl history) that pulled the 49ers within two from 22 points down, Ed Reed’s interception, double-murderer Ray Lewis’s missed tackles, THE POWER OUTAGE (that enabled all of us to play... Read more »

Conan And Andy Outsource Their Jobs To China

Conan outsource
The story of the software developer who outsourced his job to China is a bit old, but we're okay with a rehash if it means Conan O'Brien and Andy get to do another China skit. Check out Asian Andy Richter give a star performance. Hire that man!

Conan O’Brien And Andy Dub Over Popular Chinese Soap Opera As Only They Can

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Conan O'Brien will never be as popular in the US as he was in the weeks immediately following his very public resignation from The Tonight Show, but his stock is only rising in China. Largely thanks to his on-air, cross-ocean, short-lived and funny "feud" with Dong Chengpeng, host of the show Da Peng Debade, Chinese producers recognize Conan's name, and so it was that the people in charge of the popular soap opera "Return of the Pearl Princess" sought him and his sidekick, Andy, for a recent project.

Channel 4′s Dispatches Documentary On Neil Heywood Is Operatic, Shadowy, And Full Of Muhhhhduh [UPDATE]

Channel 4′s Dispatches Documentary On Neil Heywood Is Operatic, Shadowy, And Full Of Muhhhhduh featured image
The Sunday Times, in its now-famous (or infamous) piece on Neil Heywood (still paywalled, but it's here if you want to purchase), alluded to a certain Channel 4 documentary on the man. Quote: "After a year-long investigation for Channel 4's Dispatches, based on numerous conversations with friends, business colleagues, diplomatic sources and a Chinese contact who knew both Heywood and the Bo family intimately, we can reveal the real Neil Heywood."

What If Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom” Were Set In China?

Chinese Newsroom
By TAR Nation and RFH Ed's note: TAR and RFH have diametrically opposed opinions about Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom, starring Jeff Daniels as a news anchor who, in one lapse of honesty, sees his world turned upside-down. Characters sing "arias of facts," as the New Yorker's review put it, which sounds a lot like what news organizations closer to home -- in China -- do. So, TAR and RFH set aside their disagreements about The Newsroom to write a pitch for a show called Chinese Newsroom. TV producers out there: pick this up!

South Park On How Chinese People View The Japanese

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This episode's old, but it's still relevant, isn't it? "Lu Kim, the owner of City Sushi invited City sushi owner, Junichi Takayama to a school meeting claiming it to be about the diversity of Asian people," reads the YouTube description. "Little does Takayama know is that the meeting would be a trap to embarrass him."

A One-Way Conversation About Black People, By Gao Xiaosong

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Below is a truly eye-opening video that neatly summarizes almost every conversation I've had with Beijingers about African-Americans (or people with dark skin in general). I enjoy the fact that simply by having an online show called Xiao Shuo (晓说) -- and spending a bit of time abroad -- this guy has become an authority on all things African American. Though I've seen the host's face on billboards all over Beijing, I hadn't actually watched the show until recently - a quick Baidu search revealed that the host is in fact the well known drunk driver Gao Xiaosong.