Leehom Wang Does Thing, Ladies Swoon

Leehom Wang in Manchester
Leehom Wang wasn’t the only Chinese Olympic torchbearer in Manchester on Saturday — there was also news anchor Bai Yansong, for instance — but Wang was most definitely the only Chinese torchbearer to make all the Chinese ladies in the crowd shriek their minds out. He was also probably the only torchbearer to do an... Read more »

London’s Olympics Opening Ceremony Will Look Nothing Like Beijing’s, Anyone’s

London opening ceremony
The jokes (and groans) are out today after Danny Boyle, artistic director of this summer’s Olympics opening ceremony, unveiled his vision, “inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest,” the Guardian tells us, and “ideas from Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein,” according to the Huffington Post. With a fair amount of Jane Austen’s countryside, I might add. Reports the Telegraph:... Read more »

Visit The Real London Olympics In Beijing! Sort Of

London St... in Beijing
By RFH When the Chinese don’t have the time or money to visit a foreign country, they bring the foreign country to China. And they do it their way: at the Beijing World Park, for example, you can see Niagara Falls as it should have been (roaring into the Grand Canyon), learn that Southwark is... Read more »