Watch: What It Looks Like When Badminton Players Are Trying To Lose

Badminton unsportsmanlike play
Courtesy of Sina, here’s actual Olympic footage! UPDATE, 12:06 pm: They’ve disabled the embed. But you can watch on Sina’s website if you’re within the mainland. The players in the above have, as reported, been disqualified from the tournament. The Indonesian team withdrew its appeal, and the two South Korean teams’ appeals were rejected, according to... Read more »

Olympics Links: Badminton bombshell: four doubles teams disqualified for match-fixing

Diving censorship
If you’re not up to speed on badminton’s big scandal, first go read this. And then realize that the IOC and Badminton World Federation just dropped the biggest bombshell of these Games by disqualifying four pairs of teams from the quarterfinals for match-fixing, including two teams — both South Korean (what is it with South Koreans... Read more »

Badminton Controversy! Shuttlers Accused Of Deliberately Losing [UPDATE]

Shuttlers Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli
Let’s start with the format: the Olympic women’s doubles badminton tournament begins with pool play with four groups of four teams, with the top two teams in each group moving on to the quarterfinals. The matchups in the quarters are predetermined: teams from Groups A and C crossover (1st-place team from A plays 2nd-place team from... Read more »

Weightlifter Wu Jingbiao Demonstrates The Meaning Of “Agony Of Defeat”

Weightlifter Wu Jingbiao Demonstrates The Meaning Of “Agony Of Defeat”
You don't need to know Chinese to appreciate this video (though the subtitles by chnnewsengsub are appreciated). Wu Jingbiao, the two-time reigning World Weightlifting Championships gold-medalist, was the favorite to win on Sunday, and would have if not for North Korean Om Yun Chol's perfect day. In his post-lift interview, Wu was inconsolable. “I feel terribly guilty for disappointing my country, the Chinese weightlifting team and all the people who supported me," he said. "I really wanted to be the best but I didn’t make it. I am sorry!"

Olympics Roundup: Ye Shiwen passes drug test, the Guardian’s Lego reenactments of Olympic moments, and US and North Korea make Old Trafford history

London bus ad
While we all await Ye Shiwen’s next race — she’s the top qualifier (and Olympic record-holder) in the 200-meter individual medley, which begins at 8:43 pm London time / 3:43 am Beijing time — you might be interested to know that women’s gymnastics is on right now. Other Olympics stuff happened too, as you’ll see... Read more »