Global Times Olympics Journalist Tests Positive For Plagiarism [UPDATE]

Zhao Ran
By Beijing Cream Let’s talk about journalism and the Olympics. No, not the complete indifference given to China’s 96 Paralympics gold medals, but a more familiar problem: plagiarism. A former senior journalist at the Global Times is probably still wondering what the hell hit her, after being caught lifting material and inventing quotes – including a... Read more »

China’s Peasant Olympics Are Sandbags Of Fun, Assuming One Enjoys Hauling Bags Of Sand, Literally

Peasant Olympics
Something called the “National Peasants’ Games” — the 7th edition, in fact — is currently being held in Nanyang, Henan province, which People’s Daily Online describes as a “quadrennial multi- “in which sport event… in which competitors from among the country’s rural residents take part in sports, both conventional, including basketball, athletics, table tennis, shooting,... Read more »

Top Ten China Moments And Storylines From The London Olympics

This could be interpreted in different ways...
Picture by Kevin Reitz Just like that, the Olympics are over. As we look back, here’s our list of the 10 most noteworthy China-related stories from the London Games. 1. Liu Xiang fails. Crumbled in a heap. CCTV commentators weren’t sure how to react, so one of them cried. Sports broadcast journalism has rarely been... Read more »

Olympic Links: Former NBC Sports chairman Dick Ebersol’s only Olympics interview, rogue condoms, and all about ping-pong

Nike - Bieber
Part of Nike’s “Live the Greatness” campaign (“Who says the toughest opponent isn’t the best teammate”), via cfensi As track and field takes center stage in London, a reminder that some exciting team sports will be wrapping up soon, including men’s soccer (Mexico vs. Brazil final tomorrow, though South Korea vs. Japan for the bronze... Read more »

Liu Xiang Forever

Liu Xiang
UPDATE, 10:34 am: There’s now video! Embedded after the jump. It features snippets of the original broadcast’s worst-in-the-world CCTV commentators, too. China is on fire with its sports GIFs this Olympics. Other examples: The worst call you’ll ever see on the basketball court Liz Cambage becomes first woman to dunk in the Olympics Sun Yang breathes... Read more »

Hypocritical, Much? Swimmer Admits To Breaking The Rules But Gets To Keep His Gold Medal (Yes, We’re Still Angry About Badminton)

Cameron van der Burgh
In an article published Saturday in the Sydney Morning Herald, South African Cameron van der Burgh admitted to cheating in his world-record-setting swim in the 100-meter breaststroke. Swimmers are only allowed one dolphin kick after entering the water and one kick after the turn, but van der Burgh copped to taking multiple — because “every swimmer does that,” he... Read more »

This Is The Worst Possible Liu Xiang Ad Post-Olympic Flameout

Liu Xiang Mini ad
The Brand Channel has a very interesting article about how Liu Xiang’s inability to clear any hurdles in London will affect his ability to sell merchandise, specifically looking at how his sponsors have rushed to re-spin the message on the heels (no pun intended… wait, pun intended) of his crash-out yesterday. Among the noteworthy elements... Read more »

China Daily Doesn’t Seem To Care That Cannabis Isn’t A Performance Enhancing Drug

American judo fighter
Journalists are fed a lot of crap by the world. Specifically by public relations flacks and sources, but really, the world at large, because we’re surrounded by crap, by fetid logs of horse and other rancid mammalian shit dripping with stupidity and awfulness. It takes a decent journalist to filter that shit and present it... Read more »