Friday Night Musical Outro: Sinotronics Launch At The Other Place

Hey, my name is Morgan. I work at this other website called wherein we specialize in… Christ, I don’t know, I can’t do it… I can’t do it anymore. Hey, everyone, remember that baby that was flushed down that toilet? Je-SUS.

Happy Friday night, Internet goons – here’s a little something for you to watch and listen to while you’re lacing up your shit-kickers for a night on the town. This week, I’m using this space to plug a friend and colleague’s project because, hey, it’s credible on its own. My conscience is clear. This isn’t Pepsi Cola or H&M or some shit.

(Buy H&M. Every day. All day. Ka-ching.)

Sinotronics is a new Beijing record label founded by local electronica esoterica and ephemera promoters Josh Feola and Markus M. Schneider. Formerly of two other local outfits – pangbianr in the case of the former and Metrowaves in the case of the later – Sinotronics is them Voltron’ing up to fill out another industry side of the music-making equation: actually releasing local musicians’ and composers’ records out into the world. This is called “fighting the good fight,” you know?

This Friday – right now, actually – as well as all day and night Saturday, they’re hosting a pretty stacked line-up of Beijing electronic composers and performers, as well as a few superstar DJs, to celebrate out at The Other Place – here’s the Facebook listing for all the details.


The line-up, today:

FREE, noon start


3-5 pm: MMS
5-7 pm: TAO
7-9 pm: Mu Xiaohu


9 pm: FAR∞
10 pm: Dead J
11 pm: Ganjian

Afterparty DJ set from: XLF

Saturday, June 1 – with pangbianr

FREE, noon start


3-4 pm: Jerry Chan (The Beijinger/True Run Media)
4-5 pm: Wang Ge (VICE China)
5-6 pm: Compact Dicks (SmartBeijing)
6-8 pm: Damage Blanket Sound System


9 pm: thruoutin + Chaimi
11 pm: Thin Gaze

Afterparty DJ sets from: DJ Dong Dong Dong + Damage Blanket


So the video is by FAR/∞, who’s basically getting ready to go on stage right now. This is his visual composition accompanied by his own live set at School Bar a few months back. FAR/∞ is Liu Yiwei, a Beijing-based ambient electronic musician and visual artist. Apparently for tonight’s event he made this Arduino contraption that connects to all the table lamps in the cafe area of The Other Place and switches them on and off at intervals in tempo with the music. He also has projections going out into the hutong outside the bar that can be controlled by the audience swirling their fingers in glasses of water…

…da fuck?

Guess you’ll have to hit that up to see for yourself in person.

Just quickly, other points of interest is Long Shen Dao reggie crew out at 2 Kolegas tonight, as well as two Beijing dates for awesome power pop / garage rock band M.O.T.O. – they’re at Temple tonight and School Bar. Go to one or both, bud! I’m looking out for you and want you to do cool things!

Morgan is the editor of Smart Beijing and fake DJs around town. Suggestions for Friday Music Send Outs and feedback to

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