Have Problems In Sanlitun? Here’s The Cop Who Will Do Nothing About It

Sanlitun cop
Thanks, China Daily. Thanks for embedding a reporter deep inside the septic tank that is the Sanlitun Police Bureau and telling us it’s a lustrous fishbowl with that most exotic of exotic creatures, the officer who cares. This piece, in which reporter Cao Yin is allowed to tail “stocky” 44-year-old Zhang Tao, presumably to see... Read more »

A Brutal, Bloody Beatdown In Sanlitun Last Week [UPDATE]

Bloody Sanlitun beating featured image
We've reached out to the guys who shot the video -- Canadians from WorldstarHipHop, as they make abundantly clear in the video -- to see if we can get more info. It's a nasty fight, if one can call it that, with a clear survivor. There are no winners. "Someone pull him off," someone says while the guy who's standing, bloody all over, continues connecting on kicks to the defenseless man on the ground. "It's done, it's done, you've won, you've won," someone else says, beginning to sound desperate.