Baby Killer’s Defense: I Thought It Was A Shopping Cart [UPDATE]

Baby killer suspect 1
On July 23, Han Lei grabbed a 34-month-old baby out of her stroller in Beijing and threw her to the ground, killing her. This fact is not in dispute, as there is apparently surveillance footage of this sequence. Han, who had exited his friend’s vehicle from the passenger side, was reportedly upset at the toddler’s mother, who was standing in a parking space. Yes, a baby died due to a parking dispute.

5-Year-Old Son Of China’s “Eagle Dad” May Be World’s Youngest Pilot

5-year-old boy flies plane
Check out this daring five-year-old from Jiangsu province. On Saturday evening, he piloted a Bee 3-type ultra-light aircraft across Beijing Wildlife Park, which is... cute? Dangerous? Irresponsible of the father? The father, of course, is the notorious "Eagle Dad," He Liesheng, somewhat of a publicity hound (it would appear) and the worst type of suckerfish, attaining fame through others.

A Closer Look At The Cop Who Smashed A Baby, And Those Who Failed To Serve Justice

Cop who threw baby to the ground
Sometime after 9 pm on July 18, Linzhou police officer Guo Zengxi, off-duty and on a night-long bender, stumbled outside a KTV building, snatched a 7-month old infant out of an unfamiliar couple’s hands, raised her over his head, and slammed her into the ground. The young girl, named Yueyue, lost consciousness before being rushed to the hospital, then spent days in intensive care with multiple skull fractures.

Superstitious Father Won’t Stop Piercing Two-Month-Old Daughter With Needles

Superstitious family
In the annals of bad parenting, this man here in Harbin, Heilongjiang province deserves a special plaque. As relayed by Offbeat China, earlier this month, a baby girl, Guo Guo, was sent to the hospital to have a 5-centimeter-long sewing needle removed from her chest. Two weeks later, on August 19, the 56-day-old child was in the hospital again, this time with three sewing needles stuck in her: one under her arm and two in her torso.

Delivery Guys Catch Toddler Who Falls From 4th Story Of Building

Toddler caught by passersby featured image
A two-and-a-half-year-old girl is lucky to be alive after she fell from the fourth story of a building in Ningbo, Zhejiang province. The toddler, identified as Qiqi, climbed on the window sill and -- sigh if you've heard this before -- crawled right on out. Her parents had left her home alone as she was sleeping, because toddlers never wake up when they're home alone.

Don’t Feed Baijiu To Babies, As One Nurse In Guangzhou Apparently Did

Hospital baby baijiu
Here's a disturbing story out of Guangzhou: on June 6, a female nurse fed a seven-day-old infant rice wine. She reportedly thought the baijiu was water, and mixed it with milk powder. The baby had to undergo treatment in intensive care. The Nanfang reports: "Although it hasn’t yet been confirmed exactly which nurse was responsible, the baby’s father, Mr. Chen, demanded that heads roll. 'I fear my daughter will suffer long-term brain damage,' said Chen."

Baby 59 Has Been Released From The Hospital, But To Whom?

Baby 59
The Daily Telegraph reports that Baby 59, the resilient newborn who survived being flushed down a squat toilet, has been released from the hospital: On Thursday morning, a hospital official who declined to be named, told The Daily Telegraph the child had now been released. "We just know that the family came yesterday, accompanied by county public security officers, and took away the baby," he said. But here's where it gets complicated.