The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

September 2 – September 8

The Beijing Independent Film Festival went on without incident, reports James Hsu. Chris Clayman took a closer look at an in-depth report on the cop who smashed a baby. Does Xi Jinping have an Instagram account?

Beijing rugby lost 71-0, and then a racial epithet nearly led to a fight. The worst story of the week is this Tianjin man who bludgeoned a dog to death in public. China’s anti-rumor campaign jailed another microblogger for ridiculous reasons.

A Chinese student in Illinois was charged an incredible cab fare. Brother Watch was sentenced to 14 years in jail. Police identify a suspect in the case of the boy who had his eyes gouged out, but questions linger.

PLA Daily dislikes Pacific Rim; go figure. Beijing EPA declares “war” on pollution. The pee-straight funnel is amazing.

A boulder in Taiwan narrowly missed crushing a car. A thief got sweet revenge on his former colleagues after they fired him for being fat. A foreign couple got it on in the back of a Shanghai cab.

Comment of the Week:

Jonathan Alpart, on the cop who smashed a baby named Yueyue:

I think the lesson here is don’t name your child Yueyue.

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