Why Is The Sales Manager At A Chinese Government-Owned Trade Company Using (Former) Porn Star Sasha Grey As A Profile Picture?

LinkedIn, featuring Sasha Grey
This is the LinkedIn page (we think) of Wulan Pramita Sari, who identifies himself (we think it’s a him) as the “Sales & Marketing Manager at PT. China Zhejiang Intl Trade Center-Indonesia.” This is how the China Zhejiang International Trade Center describes itself: We are a multinational company of which belongs to China Government that has mission... Read more »

Searching For Porn In China? The GFW Is Currently Blocking 2,873 Sites, But Not…

Pornhub-not-censored featured image
Pornhub (No. 83 on Alexa) and Livejasmin (No. 72). Even those with VPNs may be happy about this: no more opening and pausing six videos to wait for them to buffer while you distract yourself with other things on the Internet, only to accidentally blow your load to a Snorg Tees model. Are you surprised Pornhub and... Read more »