Nicholas Kristof has discovered how to buy cheap guns and meth in China

I’m picturing Nicholas Kristof, the New York Times’s Pulitzer-winning columnist, clutching an AK-47 a la Jason Russell while on the greatest meth high this side of Breaking Bad. Yes, that is what I’m picturing.


Want to buy illegal drugs in China? No problem — just go to the wild and woolly Internet here and order a $50 or $100 package of methamphetamines, ecstasy or cocaine. It’ll be delivered to your door within hours!

“Our company has delivery stations in every part of China,” boasts one Chinese-language Web site, with photos of illegal narcotics it sells. “We offer 24-hour delivery service to your door, and we have long-term and consistent supplies. If you just make one phone call, we’ll deliver to your hands in one to five hours.”

Another Chinese Web site offers meth wholesale for $19,700 a kilo, or deliveries to your door of smaller quantities in hundreds of cities around China. Even in remote Anhui Province, it delivers drugs in 21 different cities.

It all leads to this question:

Doesn’t it seem odd that China blocks Facebook, YouTube and The New York Times but shrugs at, say, guns?

It’s China. Nothing is as odd as it seems.

There’s more about date rape drugs, American political fecklessness vis-a-vis gun control, prostitution, VPNs, and Xi Jinping. Nicholas Kristof is great.

Cheap Meth! Cheap Guns! Click Here. (NY Times)

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    1. Jive madra

      What was that book written about China in the 70s? It was about Chinawatching. One chapter is entitled ” Does using logic help”? Maxim for living in China- found.


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