Sina Weibo, China’s Largest Microblogging Service, Punished For Lazy Censorship

BJC's Sina Weibo
The ripples from those stupid coup rumors two weeks ago are finally hitting shore. You remember, right? Those stupid, stupid rumors in which Bo Xilai’s faction was supposedly overthrowing the CCP? We called it “tanks vs. Ferraris.” Authorities were at first mum about this scuttlebutt, but of course they couldn’t let it go unpunished. As... Read more »

Chinese Netizens Don’t Appreciate North Korea, Apparently

North Korea Today Weibo
Via Offbeat China, we learned earlier today of Sina Weibo’s hottest newcomer, “North Korea Today” (@今日朝鲜), which joined on March 7 and already has 85,691 followers as of this moment (I was No. 84,403, I think). Its profile reads something to the effect of, “Full access to North Korean news. Anyone who dares besmirch North... Read more »