Did Youku Just Censor BJC’s Marbury Video?

Youku censorship
At the 52-second mark of this Youku video, which accompanies yesterday’s post titled “Watch This Dirty, Dirty Foul On Stephon Marbury, Followed By Some Shithead Telling Him, ‘Fuck You,’” one hears a sudden crackling sound before the stream suddenly stops. It doesn’t start again until the 1:45 mark, after China national-team member Su Wei has stopped... Read more »

Searching For Porn In China? The GFW Is Currently Blocking 2,873 Sites, But Not…

Pornhub-not-censored featured image
Pornhub (No. 83 on Alexa) and Livejasmin (No. 72). Even those with VPNs may be happy about this: no more opening and pausing six videos to wait for them to buffer while you distract yourself with other things on the Internet, only to accidentally blow your load to a Snorg Tees model. Are you surprised Pornhub and... Read more »

Introducing: GreatFire.org, The Easy Way To Check What China’s Net Nanny Blocks

The Great Firewall can suck it
GreatFire.org is a great resource for checking which websites are blocked within China. For example, via that tool, you know that the Great Firewall blocks eight of the world’s 50 most popular websites (as ranked by Alexa): Facebook (2), YouTube (3), Blogspot (8), Twitter (9), WordPress.com (18), t.co (29), IMDB (41), Blogger (44) and fc2.com (47).... Read more »

Does Anyone Know What Happened To Pages 25-26 In The February 18 Issue Of The Economist?

The Economist pages ripped out
Via Anlicia Li In the January 28 issue of The Economist, the editors wrote: “In this issue we launch a weekly section devoted to China. It is the first time since we began our detailed coverage of the United States in 1942 that we have singled out a country in this way.” Two weeks later, BJC reader Anlicia... Read more »