A June 4 Story: The Shanghai Stock Exchange Is Messin’ With The Politburo

Shanghai Stock Market
By RFH Confounding even the most grounded of numerologists, the movements on today’s Shanghai Stock Exchange have caused a minor stir. The index opened at: Open: 2,346.98 Day Range: 2,308.23 – 2,348.20 Year To Date: +4.96% Previous Close: 2,373.44 52-Week Range: 2,132.63 – 2,826.96 1-Year: -15.38% That’s 2,346.98 as in 23 years since 4/6, which... Read more »

Google Pushes Back Against Chinese Internet Censorship

Google Pushes Back Against Chinese Internet Censorship featured image
Ever been throttled by the Net Nanny in China while doing a simple Google search? Your IP gets cut (or gagged? dick-vised? Sorry, I'm not familiar with Internet's more technical terms) and you're unable to use Google for up to a minute or more. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you're in the middle of doing just one thing that requires the use of the Internet

Porn Sites That Are Not Blocked In China

Remember when we posted about the oddity of Pornhub and Livejasmin, two of the most popular websites in the world, not being blocked by the Great Firewall? We attributed it to government censors needing to get the occasional wank on.... Well, we've expanded that list somewhat -- because who in the general public doesn't need that occasional release too? You can find the "porn in China" list here -- and thank us later.

Anonymous: #GFW will be dead soon

Is the Great Firewall doomed?
Confession time: I’m petrified of Anonymous. As someone who is hopelessly clumsy when it comes to web hosting and IT, I know how easy it can be for an experienced hacker to ruin my day. But then again, I have nothing to hide. I — unlike Fang Binxing — did not engineer a “Great Firewall”... Read more »

Via Ministry Of Censorship’s Biggest Bitch, Government Tells China’s Internet Companies To Tighten Censorship

Mark Twain on censorship
Here’s how shitty China’s Ministry of Censorship is: instead of doing its one job — which is shitting over everything popular and good in the world, smearing puppies and daffodils with the excrement of its values, and shit — it outsources this one responsibility to private companies, and when said private companies fail to shit... Read more »

“Spring Breeze” Is China’s Latest Cleverly Titled Campaign Against The Internet

Malena Morgan
They have a way with words, don't they? First there was "sweeping the yellow" -- which in Chinese is the poetically sibilant saohuang -- targeting organized prostitution. Then there was the Green Dam, a "filtering" software that one of China's ministries wanted to require every locally produced computer to preinstall. And now? Spring Breeze.

Sina Weibo, China’s Largest Microblogging Service, Punished For Lazy Censorship

BJC's Sina Weibo
The ripples from those stupid coup rumors two weeks ago are finally hitting shore. You remember, right? Those stupid, stupid rumors in which Bo Xilai’s faction was supposedly overthrowing the CCP? We called it “tanks vs. Ferraris.” Authorities were at first mum about this scuttlebutt, but of course they couldn’t let it go unpunished. As... Read more »

China Net Nanny Tightens Vise?

Mistress in Beijing
There's been some chatter on Reddit this morning about "getting a whole lot more firewall today," and speculation is that it has something to do with Neil Heywood, alleged British spy. (Don't google him without a VPN unless you want a connection reset.)