Here’s An Aerial View Of That Rooftop Temple In Shenzhen

A microblogger recently noticed a temple built upon the roof of a housing complex in Shenzhen, AFP reports, because why wouldn’t there be a temple there? It seems like Zhang Biqin of Beijing isn’t the only person into that sort of thing.

The temple sits on top of a 21-storey apartment. The suspected owners haven’t been identified, and media have not been able to get them on the record to ask ,WTF?

SCMP, calling it “China’s newest bizarre rooftop structure,” reports the structure has been around since at least 2010, and like Beijing’s rooftop villa, the residents underneath it don’t seem to like it.

One of Nanshan district’s property owners, referred to only as Chen, toldShenzhen News reporters that the temple had possibly been constructed by the director of Nanshan district’s Residential Property Management Office – a man surnamed Xiong.

“We once had a meeting [regarding the temple] and required it to be demolished,” Chen reportedly said. “We put up notifications. But [Xiong] installed a security door and refused to let demolition people near [the structure]. The [problem] has still yet to be resolved.”

The Nanfang heard similar complaints:

Carl Ji, a Shenzhen resident, told The Nanfang today: “This kind of construction work is illegal. Shenzhen’s government should demolish it as soon as possible to set an example. Who is this guy that he thinks he can build his own temple on a public area? He’s just interested in his own private interests. It is arrogant.”

The 21st storey apartment on which the Shenzhen temple has been built is said to be worth 15 million yuan (US$2.5 million). The building’s tenants are all “either high-ranking officials or very rich people,” according to the report by Yangcheng Evening News today.

Of course there’s video offering a stunning bird’s-eye view of the structure. Why wouldn’t there be? (Apologies for the static — you’ll want to watch this on mute.)

POSTSCRIPT: I heard from a friend in state media that a directive has come down from up top that Zhang Biqin’s illegal rooftop villa in Haidian district is officially off-limits for publication. No reason given. More details if they become available.

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