Conan And Andy Outsource Their Jobs To China

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The story of the software developer who outsourced his job to China is a bit old, but we're okay with a rehash if it means Conan O'Brien and Andy get to do another China skit. Check out Asian Andy Richter give a star performance. Hire that man!

Conan O’Brien And Andy Dub Over Popular Chinese Soap Opera As Only They Can

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Conan O'Brien will never be as popular in the US as he was in the weeks immediately following his very public resignation from The Tonight Show, but his stock is only rising in China. Largely thanks to his on-air, cross-ocean, short-lived and funny "feud" with Dong Chengpeng, host of the show Da Peng Debade, Chinese producers recognize Conan's name, and so it was that the people in charge of the popular soap opera "Return of the Pearl Princess" sought him and his sidekick, Andy, for a recent project.

Watch: Steven Ho Beats Up Conan O’Brien

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Stuntman Steven Ho swung by Conan O'Brien's show recently, as he does every now and then, and beat up the lanky comedian. Video brought to you by Team Coco. Somewhere, Jackie Chan sniffles, whimpers, "I never needed a stuntman."

Da Peng Responds To Conan

Conan O’Brien isn’t the only showman who knows the entertainment value in a good cross-ocean rivalry. Via Tea Leaf Nation, which has a very good recap of the show, Da Peng goes on the offensive. video (sans English subtitles) for those in China after the jump.

Watch: Conan O’Brien Gets ‘Revenge’ On Chinese Talk Show

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The Chinese show in question, which Conan calls “really weird,” is Da Peng Debade《大鹏嘚吧嘚》, hosted by Dong Chengpeng (董成鹏 [born Jan. 12, 1982, 176 cm, blood type AB...]). It is weird, but at least it’s different, a fun variety show featuring crosstalk, magic acts, theater, colorful characters, funny graphics – a victory for Chinese programming, trust me. And at least it tries to be creative, albeit creativity in its opening credits manifests itself in the form of copying an American show that is actually creative. But it’s trying! And it has been, according to Baidu Baike, one of the most popular shows on the Internet ever since Dong (Da Peng) launched it in 2007.