Middle School Teacher Suspended For Demanding Kisses From Students [UPDATE]

Zhang middle school teacher kiss 1

For one second, let’s appreciate the masterfully creepy expression on this middle school teacher as he demands his (female) students give him a kiss before giving them their diplomas.

And then let’s consider… he did what?

An Internet commenter in Linxia County of the province said last night that Zhang Runhua, a teacher of seniors at local Tuqiao High School, forced all the schoolgirls in his class to kiss him on the cheek or let him kiss them. The whistleblower said these girls could not get their diplomas from Zhang without a kiss.

That’s from Sina, which has a lot of photos of Zhang. (Something’s a bit off on the translation; NetEase says middle school, which seems more right, considering how young the girls look.)

The guy’s been suspended by the Linxia Education Bureau and is currently under investigation.

One of Zhang’s colleagues said Zhang was an excellent teacher.

UPDATE, 1:25 pm: The man remains wonderfully creepy, but also… innocent? Via Sinopathic:

It was graduation day. The sun shone, and the birds sang. The class is made up of 48 (!) students, and they were all there as they waited in turn to receive their diplomas:

At first, the handing out of diplomas by the teacher was accepted by the students with bows, salutes, hugs and handshakes. As the atmosphere began to be more festive and among supportive cries by the students, some students would kiss the teacher [when receiving their diplomas]. Everyone was very happy, and no one protested against the proceedings.

A representative of the Tuqiao High School made this statement:

“From [other] photographs provided by the students of the scene, actions like shaking hands, bowing and hugging had also occurred at that time. The atmosphere of the proceedings was very pleasant, and there were male and female students present. The students are very angry with this rumor having placed things out of context.”

But dude, Mr. Zhang — dude…

Zhang middle school teacher kiss 2
Zhang middle school teacher kiss 3
Zhang middle school teacher kiss 4
Zhang middle school teacher kiss 5

(H/T Kevin McGeary)

    3 Responses to “Middle School Teacher Suspended For Demanding Kisses From Students [UPDATE]”

    1. terroir


      if these students look young (behind the pixelation), then let it be known that they are are quoted as “高三” students: the third and last year of high school. The article does in fact say “middle school” (中学), but you don’t get diplomas going from middle to high school.

      These kids are leaving for university; they won’t see their teacher again. It’s an emotional time. If it seems strange that there are only two people at a time in the picture, readers should remember that there is also another taking the photograph, and then 46 (!) other cheering students behind that.

      (we totally need more photographic proof… I’d say “make it work, internet” but I won’t be so encouraging anymore)

      These kids have stated that they really like and respect this teacher – none of them have accused him of anything; that’s the anonymous internet poster. And, as posted, he’s well known as an exceptional teacher.

      Let us use Chinese rules: as a single middle-aged dancing woman is out of the ordinary, things must be done in groups to make sense: thus, the group kissing.

      And again, Chinese rules: he’s looking weird and “creepy”… because he’s Chinese. He’s not used to being kissed in public. He’s reacting with the usual reaction: embarrassment. It’s just too bad “embarrassment” is often associated with blame.

      The dude lost his job. Because of the internet. And because of the loving perpetuality of the internet, if he’s reinstituted, he’ll have to deal with this for the rest of his life.

      As that “creepy” guy.


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