Watch: Conan O’Brien Gets ‘Revenge’ On Chinese Talk Show

Youku video for those in China after the jump.

The Chinese show in question, which Conan calls “really weird,” is Da Peng Debade《大鹏嘚吧嘚》, hosted by Dong Chengpeng (董成鹏 [born Jan. 12, 1982, 176 cm, blood type AB...]). It is weird, but at least it’s different, a fun variety show featuring crosstalk, magic acts, theater, colorful characters, funny graphics – a victory for Chinese programming, trust me. And at least it tries to be creative, albeit creativity in its opening credits manifests itself in the form of copying an American show that is actually creative. But it’s trying! And it has been, according to Baidu Baike, one of the most popular shows on the Internet ever since Dong (Da Peng) launched it in 2007.

Anyway, the top comments on Da Peng’s site (the first segment of his most recent show was the one excerpted by Conan’s producers) are mostly people calling him out, saying he’s lost face to the Americans, ha ha ha, etc., etc. People seem to think it’s amusing he got found out — he, this innovator, of all people — so they rib him a little. It’s generally not too harsh. But then there’s Renren, who — out of the 1,772 commenters as of this writing — might have posted the angriest response: “傻逼抄袭狗” — stupid cunt plagiarizing dog.

Alrighty then.

The Conan video was posted on Team Coco at 7:55 am Beijing time yesterday.

UPDATE, 3/2: Da Peng responds.

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    1. Evan Kornbluh

      Wouldn’t have been that hard for the random characters that fly across the screen in Conan’s “ripoff” to actually say something instead of being gibberish…


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