Da Peng Responds To Conan

Conan O’Brien isn’t the only showman who knows the entertainment value in a good cross-ocean rivalry. Via Tea Leaf Nation, which has a very good recap of the show, Da Peng goes on the offensive. 56.com video (sans English subtitles) for those in China after the jump.

Tea Leaf Nation’s David Wertime writes:

Was Da Peng’s response just the right way to bridge the culture gap, or a bridge too far? So far, most netizens seem unimpressed by the response. Commenting via Sohu Weibo, a Twitter-like platform, @简见-卢瑟星人complained that Da Peng’s apology was “obviously insincere,” to which @月冷星沉 added, “brazen.” @路人甲的甲人 asked, “You’re notorious, and you’re happy about it?” @辉姑娘S added, “I really don’t like this host’s character.” But Da Peng had his defenders; @下一站pipiending praised him for “admitting [he] made a mistake, [but] with an attitude that was neither haughty nor humble.”

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