Donnie Goes On Chinese TV, And It Gets Awkward

Donnie Does Chinese TV
This video begins with the text: "After his video 'Donnie Does Marriage Market' went viral in China, Donald Mahoney was invited to Beijing to be a guest on the popular Chinese TV show: My Oscar." That's quite the set-up. But Donnie struggles, privately, with a crisis of confidence -- before finding himself amidst firecracker smoke. At the 10-minute mark, he goes on stage. It gets awkward real fast.

Donnie Pretends To Be Roger Federer On The Streets Of Shanghai, With Extraordinary Results

Donnie Does as fake Roger Federer
Our favorite Masshole in China, Donnie, has done his best work yet, pretending to be Roger Federer on the streets of Shanghai. "Wo ai Zhongguo," he says, which is exactly what the real Rog would've said, probably. Not to be missed is the girl who covers her mouth and nearly giggles herself into oblivion, thinking Roger Federer just told her (in Chinese!) that she's "very cute."

Donnie As You’ve Never Seen Him, i.e. Not In A Boston Sports Jersey

Donnie Does Shanghai Marriage Market
Unemployed Donald Mahoney, 28 or so, went to the Shanghai marriage market to get a spouse, which he needed "yesterday." You are sexually irresistable, he was told, but that -- along with his ability to do pushups -- was not enough to attract the attention of those with eligible daughters. A different ploy was needed...

Donnie’s Tribute To Boston

Donnie Does Boston tribute featured image
Donnie, if you couldn't tell, is from Boston, and in the wake of this past week's events, he's got a few things to say about his hometown... while wearing a Larry Legend jersey... taking down LeBron James posters from Dunkin Donuts... showering with a duck. It's heartfelt.

Donnie Coaches Up Chinese Lax Girls

Donnie Does Womens Lacrosse featured image
Who are these girls? How did Donnie convince them to participate in this? How do we watch Shanghai play Beijing in women’s lacrosse? All questions one must ponder. The answer we’ve always know though: of course Donnie played lax for the Boston Cannons.

Donnie Does Happy Valley, In A Donald Duck Costume

Donnie Does Happy Valley featured image
Quickly becoming one of our favorites, here's Donnie again with another episode of Donnie Does, this time from Happy Valley Amusement Park (we assume the one in Shanghai). "After that I said fuck it," he says at the end. Yeah, that's about right for a life philosophy, sometimes. Fuck it.