The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

September 24 – September 30

Our story about plagiarism at the Global Times was picked up by the Daily Telegraph, among others. On Friday evening, Xinhua made two major announcements, and the timing was such that it ruined a bunch of people’s holiday plans, as we documented here.

Speaking of holidays, Golden Week is upon us, which means we had our worst week of traffic. A Hong Kong tycoon offered $65 million to the bachelor who marries his gay daughter, Gigi Chao. Alicia showed us with her picture of black Audis that folks are indeed gearing up for the 18th National Congress. An online manhunt is on for the guy who nearly killed someone during anti-Japanese protests, and a protester was reportedly crushed under a steamroller on orders of a vice mayor.

The “Peasant Olympics” were quite something. Doing the splits is the new planking. Liu Xiang is a poster boy for premature ejaculation. Currently happening: Mr. Asia auditions.

Wang Lijun was sentenced to 15 years in prison, there was a big fight at Taiyuan’s Foxconn plant, a kidnapping attempt in broad daylight was foiled, and scenes from Beijing appeared in season 3 finale of Louie.

Comment of the Week:

A pithy and wry observation regarding the Jim Fields post “Some Small Act of Bureaucratic Kindness“: this post follows:

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    1. blushingpride

      Been diggin on your site for several months, a great find. Posts are long enough to get a good shot of what’s happening, and short enough to inspire further research. (And nice to find another Louie fan….Joe Rogan, anyone?) Thanks for all your guys’ work.


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