Recently Resigned Fang Binxing, Great Firewall Architect, Told To Die Already

Fang Binxing
Oh, Fang Binxing. Will he ever be a sympathetic figure? Reports Offbeat China, he resigned on Wednesday due to bad health: “I used to have good health, easily finishing a 2000-meter freestyle swim without a break . But due to overuse of my body, I lost the ability to work overnight after a serious illness. I can no long shoulder the responsibilities of academia and school management at the same time. That’s why I submitted my resignation to the authorities.”

Add “Get Lost” To The Nasty Things Netizens Have Tweeted At Fang Binxing, Architect Of The Great Firewall

Fang Binxing Chinese New Year's greeting
“Get lost” (滚, gǔn) isn’t the worst thing one can write to another person. But what if 10,000 people do it? Would it result in hurt feelings? Fang Binxing can tell you. For Chinese New Year’s, Fang, known as the father of the Great Firewall, posted a nice little greeting (in third-person) on his Sina Weibo: “Fang Binxing... Read more »

Foreign-Run VPNs Are Officially Illegal In China, Apparently

VPN lock
This paragraph is simply THE WORST. It comes from Global Times, of course, in a story headlined, “Foreign-run VPNs illegal in China: govt” (emphasis mine): Residents in China have found logging into their Facebook and Twitter accounts increasingly difficult in recent days, after several popular VPN (virtual private network) companies have alleged that China’s Great Firewall (GFW)... Read more »