Recently Resigned Fang Binxing, Great Firewall Architect, Told To Die Already

Fang Binxing

Oh, Fang Binxing. Will he ever be a sympathetic figure? Reports Offbeat China, he resigned on Wednesday due to bad health:

“I used to have good health, easily finishing a 2000-meter freestyle swim without a break . But due to overuse of my body, I lost the ability to work overnight after a serious illness. I can no long shoulder the responsibilities of academia and school management at the same time. That’s why I submitted my resignation to the authorities.”

And netizens have responded by wishing for his death:

Netizens wish for Fang Binxing's death

Poor guy. We’ve posted enough nasty things about this little shit, so we’ll refrain from piling on. Karma’s a bitch.

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