The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

April 22 – April 28

Pete DeMola wrote about how Chinese in America reacted to Lu Lingzi’s death. Neil Robinson, wanted by Surrey police “in connection with the distribution of indecent images of children and the rape of a child,” has been detained in Beijing. Greg Donohue has sparked quite the reaction with his op-ed on him and the need for greater scrutiny of incoming English teachers.

A 6.6/7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Sichuan on Saturday. Stories of interest: mother loses both children to Sichuan earthquakes, pandas climbing treeselderly old couple holding hands, and Parvez Halim’s question about whether dams are exacerbating the province’s earthquakes.

The Good Doctor wrote about the finals of the stand-up competition in the Beijing Improv Festival. Three Shots With has returned, with two authors from last month’s Bookworm International Literary Festival: poet CJ Bowerbird and author Sophie Cooke. A deadly attack in Xinjiang was politicized.

The son of a government official tried to bribe a UK professor, and failed spectacularly. Here are pigs looking astonished. Horrible way to die: testicle-squeezing.

Mark Dreyer wrote about boxing in China. Chengguan brawl with townsfolk. Gourmet coffee has landed in North Korea. And here is an important GIF of Miss Korea candidates.

Comment of the Week:

TAR Nation has returned… to the comments section. Go check it out.

Otherwise, AnyOldIron on Cars And People On Fire After Accident In Beijing, Possibly Caused By Dueling Audis:


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