North Korean Situation “A Tragedy,” Psy Says Before Performing His Newest Single, “Gentleman”

Psy - Gentleman
Psy unveiled his newest single, "Gentleman," at midnight on Thursday, then christened it on Saturday at a solo concert at Seoul's World Cup stadium in front of 50,000 fans. That should tell you exactly how worried the people of South Korea are about its neighbor's threats, and offers more context for the phrase "heightened tension." Before the concert, Psy, i.e. Park Jae-sang, was asked about the situation on the Korean peninsula.

Chinese Software Company Mocks Kim Jong-Un And North Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions In This Funny Ad

Kim Kong-un North Korea Kingsoft browser
North Korea may be distressing policymakers here and abroad with its threats of nuclear blah-blah-blah, but most people tend to shrug off its proclamations as rhetorical bluster, which we've all seen before. "Final destruction," DPRK? Really? You mean, this is finally the final one, now? North Korea, at this point, is a parody of itself, but that doesn't mean it can't use the occasional poke. Here's Kingsoft to oblige.

PSY Makes First Mainland China TV Appearance, Performs In Shanghai’s Dragon TV Gala [Video]

PSY teaches Gangnam Style in Shanghai Dragon TV featured image 2
As advertised, South Korean rapper PSY made his first televised appearance in mainland China at the Shanghai Spring Festival TV Gala, which aired on Dragon TV on Sunday. There were indeed dancing robots, as you can see. But much more bizarre was the exchange at the beginning, in which PSY tried to teach Gangnam basics to the hosts, who appeared contractually obligated to play dumb as if there were still people in the world seeing this for the first time.

The Competition For Best Gangnam Style Remake Is Over: This Flipbook Wins

Gangnam Style flipbook parody
We have here a very late entry to the Internet’s ongoing competition for best Gangnam Style remake/parody, but sometimes the best really do come last. Please give your attention to Etoilec1, whose flipbook animation of Gangnam Style captures and embodies PSY’s original production in all its creativity, craftsmanship, zaniness, and sheer wonder. Is it scene-by-scene... Read more »

Gangnam Style Is Back In Headlines, And We’re Actually Okay With The Reason This Time

Workers do Gangnam Style 1
A group of 40 construction workers took to looting, rioting, vandalism, mayhem, and Gangnam Style on Monday in Wuhan, Hubei province to protest unpaid wages. Reports are that they’re owed 233,000 yuan from their company. With no other recourse, a man surnamed Lu, the contractor, organized a group Gangnam dance in front of a concert... Read more »

The Latest Hot Gangnam Video From China Features Violins

Gangnam with violins featured image
Ten violinists at a Beijing concert on Saturday gave their creative take on this year in viral music, with Gangnam Style taking the fore. Explains Sina: “Disturbing”, or “Tan Te” in Chinese, mixing “Gangnam Style”. These violinists really let their imagination go free. And it worked very well. The performance was met with rapturous applause.... Read more »