Gangnam Style Gone Wrong: Stage Collapses Underneath Dancers In Beijing

Gangnam Style gone wrong in Beijing
Students in the throes of Gangnam Style on Sunday morning had their dance abruptly halted when the one-meter platform underneath them collapsed. The mostly international students were performing in front of a sizable audience as part of the Peking University International Cultural Festival. The festivities had just started when the accident happened, according to Beijing News,... Read more »

Ai Weiwei’s Gangnam Style Video Is Called “Grass Mud Horse Style,” And It’s Just As Bad As China’s Other Parodies

Grass Mud Horse Style featured image
If there's anyone in China who might understand what it means to parody something -- actually, truly parody, and not just copy or co-opt -- it's Ai Weiwei. He's an artist, you know. Who better than he to skewer China's nouveau riche and be this country's answer to PSY? You think Gangnam, South Korea is a district of gross decadence and put-on fakery?

Which Is The Worser Gangnam Style Parody, China Style Or Laowai Style?

Laowai Style vs China Style featured image
You might have missed this, but Gangnam Style is pretty popular worldwide, including China. It is also unpopular worldwide, including China. That makes it an online sensation, and as such, it has spawned countless parodies, and at least one incredibly epic rant. Some parodies are better than others -- and some are parodies of themselves. Here are two of the worse.

Chinese Media Says “Many Netizens” Find Vulgar “Gangnam Style” Vulgar, And Vulgar

So vulgar
We don’t know anything about Feng Qiuhong of Yangtze Evening Post, but he/she probably shouldn’t be writing about PSY’s Gangnam Style, a song that Chinese netizens — in keeping with every person in the world — rather like. As translated by People’s Daily Online on Tuesday, it appears Feng isn’t a fan (assume [sic]‘s, obviously): Many netizens... Read more »

Everything You Want To Know About Gangnam Style In China

Gangnam Style!
Resident Sina Weibo expert Liz Carter of Tea Lea Nation has been — for some mysterious reason that we should not question — tweeting Gangnam Style statistics in the last hour, we can only imagine furiously. In the following tripartite of infograph tweets, we learn that: 1. All things considered, China was quite slow to grasp... Read more »

After Winning The China Open, Novak Djokovic Broke Out Gangnam Style

Novak Djokovic Gangnam Style featured image
Novak Djokovic's dominance in Beijing continued last night when he defeated Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 7-6 (4), 6-2 in the finals of the China Open, extending his record at this tournament to 14-0. (He also won the 2009 and 2010 titles.) In fact, he dropped just one set in his five matches, which means he was probably never uncomfortable on any of the courts. That is, until the award ceremony.