The Latest Hot Gangnam Video From China Features Violins

Ten violinists at a Beijing concert on Saturday gave their creative take on this year in viral music, with Gangnam Style taking the fore. Explains Sina:

“Disturbing”, or “Tan Te” in Chinese, mixing “Gangnam Style”.

These violinists really let their imagination go free. And it worked very well. The performance was met with rapturous applause. The concert also featured soundtracks from movies like “Schindler’s List” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” performed by 10 violinists including worldwide famous Lyu Siqing.

In case you missed it, this part of the performance was called “Disturbing Style.” But it’s violins, damnit! Nothing disturbing about it unless the players are on a sinking ship, about to die.

(H/T Alicia)

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    1. P.

      Story time: I was in Korea this past July when PSY uploaded his magnum opus onto YouTube. I first caught the video at a hof in Seoul and asked the owner who this goofy horsedancing cherub was and where the hell he came from.

      He shrugged as if to say, “This is Korea—get used to it” and went back into the kitchen.

      If you’d have told me in mid-July that I’d still be sifting through cheesy renditions of his tune in late-December given flight by tonedeaf Wastelanders who are completely incapable of picking up on the song’s satirical venom—including a highly-public performance featuring PRC violinists paying tribute and quick cutaways to corrupt nouveau riche fucktards flailing in the aisles like complete assholes during a concerto—then I’d have shit in my hat and called you a liar.

      Granted the road to better East Asian relations may be paved by the Korean Wave—it’s a good sign, I guess, that China is (and has been) becoming part of the pop culture zeitgeist—but I still want to punch all of these people in the face.


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