PSY Lands In Shanghai, Celine Dion Tabbed For CCTV Spring Festival Gala

PSY and Celine Dion

Hunan will be spared a visit from Uncle PSY this Spring Festival, as it looks like he’ll be galloping on Phoenix Dragon TV’s Spring Festival crap-a-thon in Shanghai, effectively making the Changsha government look like a bunch of liars.

According to gossip queens Xinhua, PSY arrives in Shanghai tonight, where he’s scheduled for a performance at Cuvve on The Bund February 1 and will then spend the next five days psyching himself up in the mirror for the big game.

Also, he’s very down-to-earth for not wanting any fuss or fanfare:

PSY is keeping things very low key and simple, Phoenix Dragon TV publicist Feng Liang told reporters… “We offered to provide PSY with a very detailed itinerary for security and accommodations, but after he saw the words ‘hotel suite’ ‘eight-man security team’ and ‘all-inclusive,’ he completely refused them.”

PTV’s gushing publicist later spewed, “His fee was less than even when we had Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau for our New Year’s concert.”

PSY told the station how he rolls:

“There’s no need for a VIP corridor at the airport, the simpler the better. No need for security, Shanghai’s very safe. No need for banquets, I just want to eat Shanghai traditional snack foods, and I’ll pay my own bills. No need for a suite, I just want to stay in a room on a high floor, where I can really see what Shanghai is like.”

One person I’m pretty certain won’t be turning down hotel suites is Celine Dion (see notoriously demanding rider here), who will not only grace the CCTV Spring Festival Gala with the rarely-performed “My Heart Will Go On,” but also pair up with PLA songbird Song Zuying, the now “legendary mistress of Jiang Zemin,” for a duet on “Jasmine Flower.” (Here is Song singing something annoying in 2009.)

Titanic will always be afloat in the hearts of the Chinese people, but for someone who had to cancel tour dates last year due to inflamed vocal chords, I wonder how this diva will handle a lungful of Beijing.

James writes about music for That’s Beijing.

    6 Responses to “PSY Lands In Shanghai, Celine Dion Tabbed For CCTV Spring Festival Gala”

    1. Jonathan Alpart

      Nice piece, James! PSY seems like a cool guy. Especially appropriate considering the recent war on extravagance in this country. I wonder if he will serve as an inspiration to her bloated officials? lol jk

    2. Peter Schloss

      “Nice piece”—are you joking? First of all, Phoenix TV doesn’t have a Spring Festival Show. Second, Psy is not appearing on a show Phoenix doesn’t have. Third, Phoenix TV doesn’t have a publicist name Feng Liang, who is quoted in the article. Good research and fact checking job James…….

    3. peko

      What the fucking singer that Psyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????????? he is not singer he is fatty clown with cheap sunglasses bought in the sale


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